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USMC's Comback Kid

This morning I saw this picture, and thought to myself: The M151 is back!

Then I saw this other snap:

And I said to myself: You silly 'Rican; that's the USMC's brandspaking new M1161 Growler; or Internally Transportable Light Strike Vehicle NSN: 2320-01-531-2701.

As scion of the venerable M151 Jeep, this little Growler should be panting like its grandpappy.  They are most certainly chick magnets.  Connie Rodd most certainly agrees.



"Oh my stars and garters!" I never saw Connie in Dogpatch style when I was PM magazine!
Where's the up-armor kit?
- TINS Alert -

Back when I was in the bidnezz, I went to the badlands of Colombia, to provide support to the Colombian Marines.  At the airstrip, we were greeted by a Colombian Naval Officer, three Colombian Marine Grunts, and a Red Toyota Tundra Pick-up Truck.

We pile our gear in the rear deck, along with the three Gallil-totting Grunts, providing cover.  The Naval Officer grabs the wheel, I sit next to him, with the other instructor taking the window side of the front bench.

As we were driving to THE BASE, the LT turns and sheepishly says to me: this truck may have no armoring, but see those rosary beads wrapping the rear-view mirror?  That's all the protection we can provide.
Ahhh....Connie!  My mom worked at Camp Pendleton as a file clerk back in the 1970s and would bring those PM booklets home for me.
Connie had a long relationship with the M-151.  I have "The Viet Nam Issue" of PS - Issue 174/1967, with the two of them sharing the Joe's Dope Sheet centerfold.
 Connie would never be allowed outside in today's PC military. I did like those old PM comics, though. But, then, I'm just a product of the patriarchy objectivizing women.

I actually like women, though, and don't think of them as merely "objects." They are far to warm and nice for that.

OT, if you've never read John Ringo's "The Last Centurion" it's worth a read. The title of Chpater 6 is "Actioning By Transformational Defenstration Of Obstructors." John Ringo, an 82nd Vet writes pretty good Military Sci Fi.

QM - Connie's still a regular, but they do dress her up a little more.
Silly me, I thought a "Growler" was a Class I download.  Who picks these names. 

Connie and Bonnie before surgery. Those were the days.
An aside here - I know that all of you have the utmost respect for the trained professionals on Mythbusters:
Love it. To cop a quote: "I don't know what it is, BUT I WANT ONE! Connie is great, too. *smirk* *Pulls out wallet, to check if "dirty old men's club" card is up to date.

Now you can gett all of your Connie Rod and her associates in PS magazine-brand new editions. 
(You might have to jump through a few computer security issues to get to this site but it is accessible by the public)

Come to think of it-I have a new condition original edition of the Vietnam era PS magazine specifically targeting the M-16 user. Picked it up in Germany in '73.

Once again, as my favorite Platoon Sergeant used to say, "If it moves, put a gun on it.  If it still moves, put another gun on it."  A vehicle without a weapon shows a terminal lack of imagination.
Meh.  There's a 55 willys in my garage that'll stomp that thing.  But, if I can get one with Connie, I'll take 2!