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The Walk.

 Why we don't live in the city, but instead in a Castle on the top of a hill. Yes, Virginia, there are hills in Kansas. Even if mostly only by perception, when you're standing on the valley floor. Which is pretty much true in our case, since we live in the part of Kansas that was sanded by the last glaciation.

As a measure of how bad internet access out here currently is - it took 14 hours for this video to load to YouTube.  About 13 hours and 50 minutes longer than it would have taken had I gone to the office to do it.  I'm beginning to wonder if dial-up wouldn't be better...


You have a goat herding cat?
Well, your internet problems should begin subsiding today as the interference from last month's massive solar flares peaked yesterday.  Also, those solar flares are trending toward less active for the upcoming year.
Love the vid.  Can't wait until I can once again let my dogs walk free beside me....well, maybe not the blind diabetic one.
Oh, lovely!  I want to live on a place like that.... maybe someday! 
Yeah, Fishmugger, we have a goat-herding cat.  Sven the Thunderpawed!  DC (DumpedCat) usually tags along, but apparently the sunbeam-on-the-floor was just too inviting that day.
14 hours! Who is the service provider? Let’s hope that it is the company who has unilaterally determined it is in our best interest that they allow us the pleasure to add $2.00 to our bill unless we submit to their desires to go auto pay. I live in the rural, no fiber world zone also, the big company does have decent wireless service in my neighborhood so I can get decent speeds most the time.  Enough to stream and have 2-3 computers going all the time (as long as no one is doing much heavy lifting or streaming music or vid).  The myfi has done the job... but we got a close enough tower to get two or three bars most the time.