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Silly hyoomun.

Surely you didn't mistake this comfy chair as *yours?*  Even if it pre-dates me at the Castle by two years?
Silly hyoomun!
[This pic embiggens]

No, Molly, I didn't.


Is she full grown now? Saw her in the pictures with SWWABO on her walk and Molly looks as big as Buffy.
 Molly is pretty much at her full growth.  She's long enough that she can pull the bread off the top of the 6-foot high refrigerator...
 "...she can pull the bread off the top of the 6-foot high refrigerator"

Somehow I don't think this was determined theoretically.
 What's that red cylinder device in the middle background? Are you knitting a red version of the white dawg?
She's just keeping it warm for you is all, the love of a dog for her master... at least thats how we dog owners spin it
Smart dawg too, just look at all those books she is ready to read!

Bet they have her field stripping stuff in the Armory soon.
And they always give you that "Wait!  I just got up here. You aren't going to make me move, are you?" look.
Better check the end-of-the year furniture sales.
 CCO - definitely empirical research, with the findings subject to multiple independent replications.

HalfEmpty - The Goats of Argghhh! are not meat goats.  They're angoras, raised for their fiber.  Which SWWBO shears, cleans, cards, dyes, spins, and sells.  And she darn good at it.  That is actually a very nice bobbin of her current production.

Joe - she'd been there an hour...

MajMike - why?  Just to buy a chair for one of the *others?*
I had figured about two, but they still give you That Look. 
 Before Sassy took her hike into History, we had a chair reserved for her use. It was part of a chair and couch set. The couch broke down and we sent it to the curb, but the chair, while a bit threadbare was an obvious Blue Heeler perch so we kept it. She never got on teh other furniture unless invited after that. We never sat in her chair.

She did like to sleep behind my legs when I was lying on the couch watching the idiot box. We really miss that Mutt.