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PT Estonian Army Style

What ever happened to jumping-jacks?



You mean like this?

Could be worse, they could be doing Riverdance stuff.

Seems that it might actually be a Very Good Thing.  Lets them get some of the sillies out in an approved way while getting in some PT. And teaches them to carry out orders, no matter how silly those orders seem.

Back in my SCA days it was always fun trying to get the young men who wanted to put on the heavy armor and get into the fighting to branch out into the other arts, like dancing.  It was hard to convince the young hot shots that doing things like this could help their stamina, quickness, flexiblity, and balance.  Until they saw some of the "old timers" dancing for close to an hour, in armor, then going out and cleaning their clocks. 


I'm still a fan of the US Army's "Daily Dozen" exercises.

But "Army drill one, exercise one is the High Jumper. It's an eight-count exercise done at a moderate cadence. You count the cadence, I'll count the repetitions. Starting position, Move." Is all I seem to remember these days.

Once when our local liberals found found their panties knotting up over the potential loss of "Physical Education"  in our school due to the efforts of oppressive taxpayers saying enough, I recommended that the school board get a hold of the Army manual and read it to their teachers.
The Daily Dozen plus 15 or thirty minutes of running around the track would be sufficient in my obviously uneducated estimation.  Plus, the manual was probably written at an eighth grade level so most of the teachers could understand it. Remedial education grants would be made available for the remainder.

Half an hout of this one is quite a work out in full armor.

Also lets you know just where you need to tighten up straps.

A half an hour doing this one in full armor is even more of a workout.

It also reminds you to visit the garderobe before the tourney...
Blasphemy, I tell you. Blasphemy!

Irish cowboys would *not* share an outhouse with a Scot! 

Except in WW2, of course....
 Of course they would, as they mistook the Scot for Scotch.

Cowboys?  Those, sir, were obviously the Brian Boru Hussars!
Maori Haiku?

Hey! Joe called me "Sir!"


Damn sissies. Everywhere you turn. 
 Maybe I should do this...
Maori Haiku?  Hmmm...

A tatooed cheek

a drop of blood

an enemy dead.

How's that?
Maori haiku?


The "a"s are silent...