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Internet access at the Castle sux right now... all the kidlets are out of school, playing internet-based games, and thus the satellite bandwidth blows.

Which left me with lots of time to do this.   Oddly enough, *upload* bandwidth is available.

Sux to be you...!



Looks more like Noah packing the Ark.

Maybe John knows something we don't....
Internet access at the Castle sux right now...


Welcome to DeploymentWorld...
The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's netwrrrrrrrrkkkk
I get all those messages too.  I'm so glad I can feel your pain yet still sleep in a Sleep Number® bed....  and have an Argghhh!arita...
That is a great piece, prize worthy. Think of how much more nap time a dog could get if he didn't have to wake up and lick his balls every so often.
Heh, Chuck.  Buffy would be surprised to find out she had balls.... since she's a neutered girl.  And her job is guard dog.  She clearly keeps her scan up.
yet still sleep in a Sleep Number® bed....

They make those with I-beam frames? Huh. Live and learn...

Yep.  Since we already had to reinforce the floor just so I could walk on it, no further mods were needed.
That's a cool video.  Kind of "This is what I've been working towards all my life, even if I didn't know it then."  Doesn't get much better!

Merry belated Christmas to you & the family, BillT, Dusty (even if he only shows up occasionally these days) and all the Denizens!

Dusty checks in when he's on crew rest... 
I'm not sure what the music was, but all I kept hearing in my head was this.
Depending on what the camera captured today... that may be appropriate!
Really well done!  Kinda brought a slight tear to my eye.

I've only got 75 acres of ridge here in WV, and the critters would be deer, also I don't have a cannon.

Satellite internet here as well (Wildblue), but they are actually (today) building out DSL in my direction.

 About Internet Download Performance, John, you're a **Master of Understatement**

Yeah, it **Sux**, download performance was about 60% of normal a little earlier this evening, about an hour ago.
 Needs proper trees.

"Think of how much more nap time a dog could get if he didn't have to wake up and lick his balls every so often."  Reminds me of one of my favorite jokes, but then again, you really SHOULD pet him first!! Just sayin'.  ML
 Heinrichs - I agree.  But the proper trees don't do well around here.  Something about being a steppe environment....
Try boxwoods or Manhattan euonymus -- they make a lovely accent for steps...
I spent some time on WildBlue myself.  They finally paid me to take it out and go away..........