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Caption Contest (On the 4th day of Christmas Edition)



"Whoo-boy there soldier.  I hate these meetings with the DNC board."
"Just because the Veep is wearing a garbage bag, doesn't mean Obama left orders to have him disposed of."
WARNING: Even a single exposure to Joe Biden exceeds the EPA yearly dosage level for BS. In the event of contact, apply prophylactic & decontamination procedures as required.

"The technical term for it is "blivet," sir -- it's a 50-pound bag 'specially designed to hold 200 pounds of -- uhhhhh...."
Having performed miracles operating on our economy, Joe Biden suits up to show voters more coste effective ways to perform surgery on Veterans instead of wasting all that money paying greedy doctors.

I shudder every time I realize that guy is a heartbeat awa from replacing our current President, the worst ever, because Biden would own the title before he could even raise his hand to take the oath.
Personal foul! Unnessary roughness. Unsportsman like conduct. Y'all know good and well that the VP is visiting someone who is sick in the hospital. Those are the same things the local hospital hands out to visitors who have MRSA, etc. or are susptible to infection. 
I'm actually inclined to agree with CCO on this one.
CCO & John - even a broken clock is right twice a day...
It's obvious they're disposable hospital gowns -- Biden's is torn, BTW -- and the pic was taken in Bethesda.

I'm just picturing the irony of Biden visiting the same troops who bolted from the DFAC in Kirkuk rather than have their picture taken with him...
Personal wrap to protect troops from Biden cooties.  What's hard to understand about that?
 To: BillT

 Re: "Blivet Definition Correction"
 The last I heard, of course, subject to correction by the specialist on the subject, a 'blivet' was a bag,  specifically designed to hold 50 Pounds, filled to 200 Pounds of forementioned contents. Since you are the spcialist on the subject, would you correct me, where I am wrong?

Re: "Kirkuk DFAC"
Is there any place free of these politicians? I understand the troops' logic and it is legally sound. It's the politicians, that I don't understand. I was told by a real 'Auld Timer', "Grumpy, you don't worry when you don't understand. The time to worry is when you do understand them."
No, the gown isn't torn. That type has a band that's supposed to go over your head, behind your neck.

He can't even dress himself with help! Or, to be fair, maybe that's why he has it wrong in this case...

Nah, why be fair?
It's the neckpiece that's torn -- or at least the tabs that are supposed to be velcroed to the right shoulder are. Check the sides on the uppermost.
"Keptin! Ve are detecting a distortion in the space-time continuminum! Sensors indicate an anomaly which is creating up to fifty blivets per second..."

"Now Joe, remember.  Don't take the cork off of the fork!!  Remember what happened last time?"
"...why be fair?"

Well, you know the old saying:  If you can't say something nice,.....come sit next to me.
 Unfair? perhaps. Fun? Absoposolutely!

Sorry I didn't get over your way Sir John. My mother wanted to go see her Grandson in Independence and she had her own demands while we were around the big city. I plan to head out to Independence next summer, if I avoid spinal surgery, and I'll email you then. I'll bring the former SSG with me as well.