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Caption Contest (L'il Bassid Edition)



Kim Jong Un reviewing the Swiss National Guard during his formative years.
the real bho !
 Damn the plane's late again!
Downsizing, It's everywhere.
After reviewing the Canadian Forces, the young Corporal was invited to inspect the Belgian Contingent...

It's good to be King, but son of King ain't bad either. 
That would be young Corporal Randall-Benjamin, of Holland...
Reminds me of the clip of teh kid that waited in Canadian Uniform for a formation of Canuckistani troops to pass in review. Eyes right and all. It was really cool.

I'll have to quit laughing to come up with something for this one. Sooooo many possibilities.
The new Count of Planetary Security and UN Compliance takes his post.

Yay for hereditary aristocracy! **whispers** seriously. cheer. loud. They're watching.
"...and I'll be proud to lead you wonderful SOB's into a Toys 'R Us, anytime, anywhere."
"Hey, I'm just a little kid, but I'm gonna be a monarch.  Just look at how democracy has screwed up the planet!  _I_ am gonna be a virtuous King when I grow up. Honest! No kiddin'!"

"Wut we have heah, gen'tlmin, is lack of comoon-cashun.  Now I wahwnt to know.....who took mah Optimus Prime transformah!"

Honey, I shrunk the general !