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Burqa Cadets

Jup - I'm not surpirzed

Full Article: HERE



I'm ambivalent.

Why bother having a 'uniform' if we're not going to be... uniform? 

We've accomodated the Sikhs before on facial hair and the turban - but if beards are okay for Sikhs (for whatever purpose) one wonders when a muslim soldier will not demand the same accomodation (if it hasn't already happened) and if that's allowed... why bother banning beards at all?

Is there really any purpose at all any more to those kinds of standards, if we're going to keep making the exceptions.

Does that mean if i re-enlist i can rock my Shilelagh?
Bwaa Haaa Haa Ha

Firts thought was that someone has been hitting the eggnog a bit to hard.

But upon reflection I can actually see such a SOP being issued.

And in the holiday spirit may I recommend  "Christmas with Louise"

Merry Christmas and Best Regards to all

Rich in KCK

I'm thinking Rich though he was commenting on the post above this one...
Does this mean that Russian Orthodox chaplains will be allowed to have beards?
"Why bother having a 'uniform' if we're not going to be... uniform?"

Because people are in charge who do not like the military and use everything they can to break it down from within.

Soon all will have to wear either burkas or man dresses.

Either that or they will all have to become lesbian sailors.

What about a kilt?  I've still got the legs for it.
Kitls would certainly improve *my* morale...
STUPID pain pills.  Kilts.  Kilts.
But kitls was funnier...
"Kitls" and (naughty) bits?
Kitl Tossing.... and ancient Scottish custom.
My friend Bonefisher is at this moment attired in his kilt and heading to a local establishment to give toast for Maj Stirling Campbell, oringally 82nd, then training cadre 101st, then assigned to the 11th and made 2 combat jumps in the Phillipines. He passed a few months ago at 90. For some reason his money was never good enough for drinks or dinner when my friend and I were around.
 Like the Cowboy in the joke, I'm Lesbian trapped in a man's body.
I was just surmising that those of we retired vets who can still climb into a Class A uni ought to give a call to the PMS at those JROTC campuses that are allowing this, ask for a formal visiting experience, and when we are offered the chance to review the Cadets, let our feelings about this travesty be known to the PMS.

The battlefield tactic used to be known as "drumfire", a constant harrassing fire, if I recall MY Military History lessons from my Mizzou Army ROTC days...