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Attention BCR Fans!

(click the cover to be taken to Amazon)

Her second book is out!



The bad news is it's only available on Amazon, at least until March.  The good news is that's because Firehearted is in the Kindle Free Library, for those with Prime membership. 

Additional bonus, appropriate to the home of Jonah's Military Guys--I filed off the serial numbers of an actual historical battle for my nefarious purposes.  Guess which one!  I also did a lot of reading in Oman's History of the Art of War and Hans Delbruck (who was particularly useful because of his experience as an equine, as opposed to mechanized, cavalry officer and knew what you could expect of a horse and rider in combat.)

wait wait, not yet!!   i'm still engrossed in Mage Guardian!!

(when shall we be seeing this new one on Nook??)

Hans Delbruck? The same Hans Delbruck, scientist and saint, whose brain Igor was sent to steal for Dr. Frankenstein's monster, in 'Young Frankenstein'?
 On chapter 11. Wish I didn't have to work 12 hours in the Emergency Department tomorrow, or I would finish it in one sitting. Go Bad Cat Robot!!!! You have made this old paratrooper laugh out loud and spit beer through his nose several times tonight. Keep it up. (I've already done a positive 5 star Amazon review.)
Anyone who researches using Hans Delbruk (the military historian, not the monster guy) has my respect!
Got a slow start on this one, other stuff to do (dagnabbit), but it is certainly turning out to be another great read. If BCR keeps turning them out this quick her readers will have a hard time keeping up with her output!    :^)
Y'all. There's an e-book management tool you can download called Calibre.

It's a wonder of a piece of software. You can, not only, design your "library" in whatever way you want it, but you can change formats of your ebooks so that you can purchase from multiple sources.

BCR, have you talked with the folks at Baen about your books, yet?
I second the recommendation of Calibre.  I use it to format my books before uploading them.  And since I do not put DRM on my books it is possible to convert them.

Baen knows about my books and one is on Toni's desk, but I have not heard anything back for a long time.  Baen is doing pretty well but publishing in general is looking green about the gills.