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At times, even Santa needed some security...

[The pic embiggens]

1942: Santa arriving by tank instead of outdated (and vulnerable) sleigh. Sergeant Hiram Prouty playing Santa for British children,  December 5, 1942, Perham Downs, England. M3 Tank of 1st Tank Group. Sergeant Prouty was a member of 175th Infantry of the 29th Infantry Division.

I did some digging, and the 29th Division historical society shows him a member of I Company, 3rd Battaltion of the 175th.

On a whim, I did a search of the American Battle Monuments Commission, the VA cemeteries, and Find-A-Grave... No Hiram Prouty's listed, so it's possible that Santa's body double is still with us.  One hopes, anyway!  


There was a Prouty in the 29th ID's 2-224th Aviation when we went to Boz in 2001 -- could've been Santa's grandson..
Sweet.  Santa with a Thompson.
Did some Googling of Sergeant Prouty and found a second picture of him bestowing a tie on a fellow soldier for Christmas.     Also appears he enlisted in Baltimore, Maryland as a Corporal in 1941 before we entered the war.   No obits or other information so hopefully he had a good Christmas this year.
 Santa and his 5 eleves!!