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All my furry chillun's...

This post was inspired by this picture of the bed having been commandeered by Gunner and Molly, two wet, dirty dogs who spend their nights outside guarding the demesne. How could I refuse them? If you know how to answer that question, well, yer not like us, that's for sure! Well, me. SWWBO can at times get firm with the furry ones.

This pic enlargifies.

First, those who wait at Piddler's Green:  Frank, Jesse, Little Girl, Gabby, Little Guy, Sebastian, Whiskey, Shadow, Mickey, Houdini, Ninja, Rest Stop, Cleo, and Gandalf.

Even though they weren't ours per se, the Auld Soldier's furry friends, who I grew up with and who frolic with him and Mom at Piddler's Green:  Spooky, Shannon, Dingbat, Duncan, Hashi, Simon, Lucretia, Sally, NoName, Ajax, Meggy, and Cocoa.

We are still blessed with: Gunner, Kiki, Buffy, Molly, Suellen, Barny, Annie, Meri, DumpedCat, Sven, Hal. and the Auld Soldier's rear detachment: Damncat, Bibi, and Lizzie.

Of course, I shouldn't neglect to mention The Herd: Reggie, Veronica, Jughead, Pat, Daisy, Tom, Jerry, Willy, Petey, Maggie, Sammie, Nicky, Rory, Fuzzyfeet, Blanche, and... the other Blanche.

...and all the others who's potty habits mean they can't sleep in the house.

90% or more of whom were/are rescues. We're turning into Leavenworth County Large Avian Rescue...


I note there is no space for you, not surprising my cat is able to take up 1/3 of a Queen size bed, my newfy dog left no space at all.
I note there is no space for you, not surprising my cat is able to take up 1/3 of a Queen size bed, my newfy dog left no space at all on the bed
Molly is 3/4 Great Pyr, 1/4 Komondor.  And she can pull stuff off the top of a 72 inch high refrigerator.

At night, add two people, one small dog, and at least 3 cats at any given moment.
 The pups are part of the family. All the dogs we've had were inside dogs (although Sassy, the Blue Heeler, loved trips into the Wayne National Forest with me so she could kill a groundhog or two). I kn ow it's necessary at times, but I hate seeing a dog tied up outside.
 Our bubbas have the run of the place, and the neighbors know them (and who to call) if they, um, misbehave, like chase cattle...
 Reminds of a time I had Sassy with us when we were doing a boundary survey. The landowner was halping as he had been a field surveyor in years gone by and both us brought out dogs with us.

Sassy got into a pasture and was chasing 3 mares around a bit, and the Stallion didn't appreciate Sassy harrying his harem and came running. Sassy knew what to do and barely made it back under the electric fence before the Stallion got to her.