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A Pox On Your House

... And all the people that dwelleth in it, UNICEF!

-May The Three Kings Camels befoul it with their elegant eliminations!
-You Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins!



And how much is siphoned off by corrupt UN officials?  90%? 95%?  I for one think it's about time to begin to think about our own children in the US that are going hungry this Christmas and stop supporting this international criminal enterprise.  Bah - Humbug!
There are times for non-family friendly words.  This is one of them.  I'll keep em to myself however.
The president of UNICEF is reported to make over $1 million in salary and benfits. He beats Red Cross and United Way for compensation.
Just another facet of the "class warfare" campaign by the left. 

Use lies and half truths to guilt the productive people, or simply confiscate their earnings, so it can "help the poor."  Never mind that mush of it is siphoned off to corruptocrats along the way, or that the alleged recipients feel no obligation or inclination to do much to help themselves.

Keep them all on the welfare plantation, dependent on the left for subsistance, and thereby keep the liberals in power.

Any further comments would necessitate use of well crafted sailor words.

But, Merry Christmas to all, anyway.

Jeez.  Santa is getting a real two-minute hate this year.
Are the U.N. Blue Helmets still raping children?
When these people are rememberd by history, they will assuredly be known by any number of words ending in "...bag." 

To my eternal shame, I still recall being a brainwashed young schoolchild who was duped into ruining Halloween with "Trick or Treat for UNICEF".

Despite opinions to the contrary, I grew up and became wiser.

US out of the UN, UN out of the US is a much better slogan than that horrid Halloween screed.
Well, gee whiz!  He is just respecting their cultural heritage and context!  Can't go forcing the tired and corrupt Western Christian mores adn values on others!   We must EMBRACE the cultural diversity and richness that it brings.
Despite opinions to the contrary, I grew up and became wiser.

There.  I fixed it for ya.


"There. I fixed it for ya."

Well, at least one of us grew up....

Neener, neener!

Your loss, not mine!

 Piffle, I prefer to be an adult child, rather than a childish adult.

You make the distinction.

Next you will Lord it over me that your toys are nicer than mine.
No, you have nice toys (I like yer PS90) I just have more of them.

Of course, you have many more children than I do...

"Of course, you have many more children than I do.."

Bah!  I've seen your kiddies all snug in their beds.  Your nursery has rows and rows of chillun'.

Methinks thou doest protestest too much.  Next you'll be pleading that they are all starving and need donations to feed their voracious appetites.

Which brings us back to the original point of this thread before it was hijacked.

UNICEF for the Armory?
Well, true.  They do have expensive tastes in fodder...
Proof positive then, that Santa loooves rich peoples.
Blue helmets make nice aim points.
 He tried doing poor countries but lost to many reindeer to RPG's and IED's