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A family rent asunder by a common language...

H/t, Joe in N Cal...




That reminds me of a fire service story out of Los Angeles during the Rodney King Riots. Marine Reserve unit were deployed to aid in security on the fire scenes.  The FD would pull up spray enough water to dampen any fire and then leave because the locals were taking pot shots at the FD. 

On one scene with Marine's supporting the FD, the officer on the engine told the Marine in charge, "We're going in there and we are going to put that fire out...cover us."

As soon as the FD pulled out the Marines began shooting at everything else on the street, which caused the FD much consternation.  The FD pulled back and asked what the hell the Marine's were doing, at which point they answered, "covering you!"

And the Coast Guard tells them to get the Navy to do it, but call if it starts to float away.

Which is as it should be.  I just hope they hit something like a looter or 12.

 I remember the Rodney King Riot and Pete Wilson ordered the National Guard in. Wilson was told the NG didn't have any ammo on hand. Wilson, being a former Marine, didn't know that ammo is not kept at Armories and hadn't been for a very long time.

When I was a Tanker in the TNARNG, we had mags for our grease guns, but no ammo. I kept two boxesof .45 ACP on hand, just in case. We didn't have mags for the 1911 I was supposed to carry, however. Go figure. I kept 1911 3 mags as a result.
Updates courtesy of an Air Force sister and a Coast Guard brother:
The reason the military can't work together is they do not understand
each other. For example, if you asked them collectively to “secure a building", this is what would happen:

The Navy would turn out the lights and lock the door.

The Army would enter the building, throw everyone out, and post a guard
to see that no one entered.

The Marines would storm the building with heavy firepower, destroy it in the
process, and declare the ashes off limits.

The Air Force would take out a three-year lease with an option to buy.

The Coast Guard would make sure that everything in and around the building was tied down in preparation for heavy seas.

The National Guard would use the Army method; but they would lock it up and go home at 1600 hours.