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Well, pretty much everybody guessed --

-- that the sorta oblong portion of the Dual Whatziss was a rear-view mirror.

Which is wrong, but it shows you're thinking.

Here's an expanded view, with additional context...

And all the guesses about the yellow thingumabob were -- ummmmm -- well, *wrong*, too.

Now, if you're Army AeroScout material (or a former squint for an unnamed Three-Letter Organization), you'll notice something right off the bat...


Visual aid to confirm landing gear down?

So, you're saying that that sort oblong thing outlined in black is NOT a mirror?  Or were you going for the colloquial term of "looking glass" -- which I've always thought should apply more to a spyglass or telescope since you really can't look *through* a mirror.

I think RoyK is onto visual aid I like that one.  Maybe then if the yellow thing is missing you've had a prang?

The angle looks down in front and I'm guessing the seal means it can be opened up.
Looks like a reflector so you can check your six if you have a need to kiss your ass goodbye when things get dicey.

Or it could be an aid in seeing what is happening underneath when you are hooking up to external load.
Well, it *is* a rear-view mirror, looking back at some form of electronic kit that gets hot.  The purpose of being able to see that, like that, implies that the cooling for that sucker may not be all that effective...

Still got nuthin' on the yellow thing, unless it's the fire extinguisher...
New guess on the yellow thing...  chock block, or, step-stool.
 Out of respect to our Australian friends, are we looking 'Down and Under'? The dang yellow line, is painted on the pad, which is cracked. The metal piece is a brace between the struts. I've seen amazing things done with glass. My Dad drove a 20 Penny nail with a coke bottle, without breaking the bottle. He flame treated the bottle, first.
 Sort of reminds me of the photo I had of a T-54/55 with its engine reversed, exhaust on the right.

Fishmugger....."Or it could be an aid in seeing what is happening underneath when you are hooking up to external load."
Yes, that would come in handy. That, me being fixed wing, did not occur to me.
 I have to fess up that I have no idea. I haven't looked into an OH-6 since the last time I was at Aviation days at Old Sewart in Smyrna, TN. I sem to remember a rearview mirror in the one I saw, but couldn't find anyone to tell me why it had one in that position.

It was amusing to see a former Warrant rotorhead telling his little daughter what all the buttons on the cyclic of a UH-1 were for. He was of the right age to have been to 'nam (this was '75).
Hmmm... I don't think it's a mirror. I think it's a magnifier - looking forward through the cockpit onto what lies just outside. Which must be the hangar, since this must be a static training podjule - since it would cause no end of problems for the right-seater to take his hands off the switches and the like in order to snap pictures whilst angling for a landing, as this craft seems to be doing.  If I am right, the yellow blob is probably paint. Maybe atop the hangar floor. Or the podjule.

Okay, Unka Bill,
Why is there a mirror inside the cockpit, reflecting the back of the radio-rack?
Is that piece of equipment prone to coming adrift, catching fire, or what?
And the yellow thing?
Inquiring minds want to know...

Looks like a bottle jack or a tow bar is under the aircraft.

Would it be the where am I putting my struts mirror?