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This woulda been the clue for today...

Had Sigivald not effectively answered the challenge yesterday - though Slick's admonition to not get too specific on model was apt...


This is a Calico Liberty Carbine, and I have both the 50 round and 100 round magazines for it. I'll do something in more detail over the weekend.


To hell with the goofy magazine- tal about the turnscrew it's resting on. That looks very familiar.
That is a Brit armorer's screwdriver, marked "MG" for machinegun - though it's the wrong size for anything on the Vickers.  It's the right size for many SMLE screws, though.
Pictures, man, pictures! Does it have a bronze ferrule? is the blade rectangular or round? Dang, you could have a field day just with your tools!
Cut me some slack, Og.  I'm at work...
Lol. I seem to remember whining the same song to you yesterday!!

OK, I'll cut the slack. but it hadn't dawned on me until that picture that you probably have a buttload of way cool special tools, and I'd love to see some of them. Seem to remember a 'Fuse gauge" whatsis some time ago, IIRC.

A great future post in lieu of other content, someday.
Absolutely agree with og - I love seeing all the special tools, fixtures and accessories.  It's quite an education even if I do get my butt handed to me on the whazzits.
Ditto on og and Pogue
 Like John says, I'm hopeless.
Og, if memory serves that was a fuse gage which had been turned into an egg cup. :)

Huh...roller-delayed action...hmmm
I wonder how hard it would be to adapt the engineering to .223 Remington or 6.8 SPC.
(also wonder if it would be worth the engineering time.)

Casey - t'wasn't a gauge.  It was a fuze itself. 

The Calico is a fascinating concept gun. It was nice to see some of it's innards for an eddymuhcayshun on it's operating principles. Thanks, John. I'm still waiting for the .40 cal. Their website has a page stating "coming in late 2010", and here it is late 2011, and no see-um. Engineering problems with the hotter round, maybe?
 PrimEvil, that thing in .40 might be the thing that got me to buy a set of .40 dies.  A few cases and the rest of the stuff for my 10 MM would work just fine.
"Casey - t'wasn't a gauge. It was a fuze itself. "

There was a whatsis that was a gauge, but there's no search functionality that I can find, so I can't find it. it was a cone shaped deal with a knurled handle. I've looked through many old whatseses, but cannot locate the one in question.
Entirely possible.  When HM moved the blog to it's new server, the search function committed suicide.  I've peered at the code, and have nary a clue what to do.
Google is your friend!

There were multiple hits (Hizzoner not being hesitant to milk a good idea), but this was top o' the list.

The trick was to use Google's Advanced search to go through for "fuze setting cup."

The rest, Watson, was elementary... :)
"Comment held for moderation!?" What?? Just the most bleeding brilliant deductive web-search since ... well .... yesterday.

Ok, nevermind.

There weren't any comments held for moderation, Casey...
yes, Casey, I remember that, and as I said, that's NOT what I was talking about. fuse gauge