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The danger bored rednecks pose...


H/t, Kevin.


I didn't see any rednecks posing -- was one supposed to be modelling homemade IBA at the terminus of the buckshot cloud?
There was a whole lot of powder heading downrange, unburnt.  Looked like some of it even got out front of the birdshot.
A classic example of an out of battery discharge. 
How do we know that a Redneck was responsible for this? I didn't hear, "Here, hold my Beer and watch this" any time during teh clip.

Looks intentional to me Joe.

One of the selections at the end of teh clip is one of some one firing a belt fed 12 ga using an upper for teh AR15. Ol's Lloyd Benson would have a heart attack over that. If he were still alive, that is.
Yeah, Joe.  That's pretty "out of battery" when the barrel is nowhere to be seen!
Pretty cool video, I suspect most of the powder did not burn or burned poorly before it was ejected.

I remember stepping out of my QM office to see what the banging sound was. Some bright sparks had gotten a pull through stuck in the barrel of their FNC1 rifle. So they put the barrel into a vice, sans receiver/breechblock. Just as I stepped out they slid a blank into the chamber and proceeded to whack the primer with a screwdriver and hammer. It was quite the painful lesson for them, luckily no one lost an fingers, eyes, etc.
 What kind of ship would have your QM office in proximity to an idiot chambering a blank then firing it with a screwdriver and hammer?

All the Gunner's Mates I've been around had more brains than to do soemthing like that too. But, we had Garands, Thompsons, and M1919s aboard as well. We didn't use pull throughs (I still don't).
 QM is the logistic office of a Canadian Army unit, in this case atry, it was in our armoury and there was a bunch of soldier cleaning the rifles, seems a Junior NCO thought he would be smart. Pull thoughs were issued as part of each rifle cleaning kit. They work fine as long as they are in good shape.
I can't comment since I don't even know what's going on in this video
For a CC brawl, that's about as much spread as yer gonna git.

I still favore the 3" barrel mod though.

QM - I have to admit I like my boresnakes.  Which are nothing more than fancy pull-throughs.  What I don't like about Commonwealth pull-throughs was the "gauze" they used.  Which was anything but gauze as I recognize it.

 Colin, I didn't know you were Canuckistani or Army. If I'da known that I wouldn't have wondered.

John, I think I'll stick with my cleaning rod, patches and that wonder Hoppe's whose aroma I love terribly.