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Someday... someday we'll win the lottery...

 ...and could sponsor a shoot like this! The lottery win is required so *we* can provide the toys, not beg and wheedle people to drive to the middle of the country and bring theirs!

I admit to being tickled to see the kids there, too!  I am soooo not a Northeast Liberal.

Oh, and we'd also build an indoor range, so we could throw some love to Rogue Six over there in the sidebar ad, who is advertising target retrieval systems! [/shameless commerce]


Wha!?  Guns in Massachusetts?  I'm telling!
You wasted tons o rounds.  There are still plent of targets of opportunity on the Greenway - give them something ral to wine abot
OK, real to whine about, dang little letters
 "Someday... someday we'll win the lottery..." Sounds great, doesn't it?" I won the lottery, but not that one. I was already in the Military and I won the Draft Lottery, of course, I was drafted, "Greetings Letter from the President of the United States" and all. Of course, I got more than my fair ration. To be honest, we all had fun with it, including me. No, I didn't go anywhere, but still got the extra ration.

Watching the video, it appears like some people felt "right at home,there." Good!
Loved the little kid at about 1:35!  Great fun for all. 

I hope they invited some of the looney lefty history profs from nearby colleges.  Shooting stuff can be a valuable opportunity to let them learn more about the stuff they teach.  It also is a chance where they might decide the student who invites them is smarter than they seem.  (Hey, it worked for me, twice!)

Note that this was all "antique" weaponry, so it avoided much of the political correctness stigma that would come from newer stuff like AK's and evil black rifles.

John Morris who produced this video is a really nice guy, and has dozens of cool weaponx related videos, mostly on the Company of Military Historians site.
Ah, John Morris.  Another man who has pocketed my money!
Did you see the Gatling Gun for sale on Pawn Stars? Way too many zeros.

They shot it for the camera.
 Since a real Gatling doesn't have a trigger it's probably legal to build one. It would be fun to shoot in it's own way.

I did like that M-60 in OCS. They only gave me 50 rounds though.
Gotta tell ya, it's kind of fun to drag a cannon cross country on an open trailer.  Allow about half to three quarters of an hour for talking to people at any fuel or rest stop.

For the Gatling Guns you would need a few progressive presses to go with each one. 
So, if one owns a Gatling, and also an electric drill motor, is that considered constructive possession of an automatic weapon by the BATFEcal people?