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Playing Catch-up

I just got where I was going last night, got a quick walking tour of the immediate surroundings. My present world consists of -- in no particular order, since I was still pretty fuzzy from spending a day and a half stuck in airports and airplane seats -- bunker, flight line, bunker, hootch, PX, medical facilities (US and NATO), laundry facility (singular), Greek restaurant (closed for food violation), Lebanese restaurant (open 24 hours), PX, bunker, coffee shop, various headquarters and barracks buildings, and back to the hootch. All in the middle of a windy drizzle.
I assembled my bunk and promptly slept for eleven straight hours -- a new personal best.

And now, again in no particular order: The answers to the Contest are 1. B & E (shocked, huh?); 2. D; 3. F; 4. C; 5. A; 6. B & E (again -- B crashed because he flew through his third kill's debris and E crashed by trying to turn too tight inside a canyon to get a deflection shot on number five -- got a probable on him, at least); 7. G; and 8. A, B, and C are each correct.
Sorry, QM, you'll have to share the s'mores with the guanacos.

Aha! BCR is published! Eat yer shriveled little corporate heart out, Simon and Schuster!

Never saw the Hooker patch that Thunder Run Dave is looking for, but I'll pass the word to my contemporaries. If it's out there, I think we'll be able to find it.

Off to the DFAC to see if the food is as awful as I've been told it was...


Thank you Bill!
I got six wrong (and I knew it probably was) just because I wanted the old Afghantsi and new Afghantsi to fly together!
Got all of 'em right except the last, which I threw to be silly (as if I had to tell you that). I guessed at Kalashnikov as he seemed to resemble his father based on a pic I saw long ago.

What does Kalashnikov do at the flight skool? Instructor?

Glad to see you made it OK. In '72 I was up 57 hours and I was just going to Naples, Italy from Tennessee. It is tiring.

Did the guy you were with in Ukraine go to the AFG with you?
In order,

1. Any time, Dave!

2. I *did* do my sim dogfights with a former Afghantsi, John, but didn't fly in the aircraft with him -- he's grounded for his lungs. Too many Afghan cigarettes.

3. Kalashnikov's the Flight Engineer supervisor, QM. He trained up the Venezuelan FE and graded him (it was *his* checkride, too). I got to yak with four of the Venezuelan pilots there for their annual simulator training -- using Spanglish, Ukrainian, and handie-talkie, we were able to carry on some pretty in-depth conversations. I'll see if I can talk SKK into giving you campfire duty a little closer to home...

4. The DFAC food (tonight, anyway) wasn't as bad as I'd been told, although the potatoes were annoyingly *chewy* and the seafood biryani *wasn't*. The coffee was tolerable, though, and that's pretty much the only criterion I use for judging a chow hall...
I'll see if I can talk SKK into giving you campfire duty a little closer to home... 

It depends whether he uses plain or cinnamon s'mores. We can't mess up the recipe, you know - otherwise JHM gets mad and kicks the coals around...
Wish I could say I miss those days -but I do not.

 C'mon Bill. I was just helping you with your OPSEC by trying to throw people of your track.

Cinnamon? Whazzat? You're not talking about that strange brown stuff they put on pine cones are you? Are you wanting me to poison JMH? Does he know this? Does he care, or have you reduced him so he'll take any way he can to get out of campfire duty?

If the Coffee ain't any good, the rest stinks with it. My father always made sure the coffee was decent at the DFACs he ran. The Pilots used to bring their thermos over to the enlisted DFAC for coffee when he was at Echterdingen (that was a strange place as the Army had most of teh AC based there, but the AF ran the ground organization. It was strange to see an AF DFAC full of Army green in the late 60s). Echterdingen was the Plane patch for EUCOM which was at Patch Barracks south of Stuttgart, Germany. It was the only place I saw UH-1s in Europe. They had a Mohawk Battalion stationed there at the time, as I recall. I remember seeing one, but I never got over to teh part where the Army normally kept the starch wing assets.

Glad teh coffee is barely OK. Hopefully it'll make Kabul barely tolerable.
Dang, Bill, you really are an addict! You just can't give this stuff up, can you?  I mind yer post about getting rocketed and concussed, and how you immediately ran to the latrines and ripped the door off of the stall.

Well, I reckon _somebody_ ought to run to the sound of the guns, but dammit Bill, you've done your part many times over.  Kick back and relax a bit, pretty please.
Did the guy you were with in Ukraine go to the AFG with you?

Nope. This trip was solo. Some of the guys I fired on the range with are over here, though, turning wrenches while I was in the Ukraine. Got my first mission tomorrow -- giving instrument training in the sim...

Kick back and relax a bit, pretty please.

I *am* relaxed. See? No shakey-shakey in my typing a-tall...

I remember hearing about a horse from back in the day when fire engines were pulled by teams. Seems the department retired the horse but the horse didn't want to take it easy. When an alarm came in the horse would break out of its stall and head out to be with the rest of the team.

You sound just like that horse, just more stubborn!
...and probably not as bright.
You both say that like it's a *bad* thing.
Carrot with your coffee, UnkaBill?
I knew a horse, an instructor horse even.  Older than dirt, seen it all six times.  He could trot while napping, I swear.  Phenomenal balance.   Probably co-evolved with Our Bill.
Did he have the oversize T-shirt, the plaque on the stall wall, the coffee cup, and the "I Love Me" wall full of citations, too?

Me, I just collect coffee cups.

Pass the carrots, please...
You don't have a shrine dedicated to the young BillT? No Martial vanity? Did you lose it in ROTC summer camp?

Oh, I bet all your coffe cups have a pic of you doing something semi-insane somewhere or other.
We just started putting cinnamon in the coffee. After all, it's coming up on Christmas! It goes well on the carrots, too... and if you mix in enough marshmallow, it makes really good dough for coffee cups that hold up to nuking! Kinda messes with the s'mores, though...
Only my excessive modesty prevents me from revealing that my coffee cup collection is sans peek-chures except for various unit/organizational logos, and presently serves the useful function of holding all the freebie pens I snagged from unsuccessful interviews at job fairs.

All the rest of the stuff was sitting in a desk drawer, last time I looked...

...which was about 2005, or so.
The only citations that horse would have had would be "doing 125 in a 30".  He's gone to the Meadow in the Sky, having suffered injuries in a fight with a younger horse.  I miss him--we'd developed a grudging respect for one another.
Heh.  You lay out our concerns for the current old nag in the 'stan, BCR.
*snicker*  The ones who really oughtta be concerned are those who find themselves on the receiving end of a certain helo pilot's semi-insanity, as QM calls it. I believe Galloway even thanked him for being a Lunatic - from God's Own squadron, of course... 
 SKK, you need to ba careful applying Zommie unit labels to an Army Aviator. They can get a bit, shall we say, annoyed. Bill would probably cut you some slack however. Worse, it's also a Navy label. That might rile him more than he can control. Fortunately, he's in a place he can sublimate it so you won't have to set up your deflagrating dish as a Claymore (which might backfire).

Galloway would certainly agree that our Bill is one of God's own lunatics.

On a serious note, even as an Engineer, I found job fairs were pretty useless. I went to one when I was approching graduation at Tenn Tech and found nothing of any use. In the end, I sent out over 100 resumes and was the only one to graduate to a job the Civil Engineeering department. I ended up at Ohio DOT in large part because I was ex-Navy and the recruiter was a retired Naval Reserve mustang O-6. 1992 was a hard year to leaving Engineering School for a New Civ Engineer. Fortunately, I was also a licensed Surveyor and that helped somewhat. At least I wasn't a greenie like my classmates were and actually had something relevant on my resume. Many Surveyors actually did Engineering in Tennessee, so the character of my work didn't change an awful lot. I just got paid more for it. Something with which I had no argument.
Why did you leave Dubai?
Because my flight would have left without me?
Galloway would certainly agree that our Bill is one of God's own lunatics.

Yep. He did. Soon as his jaw snapped back closed. And that was only when he heard about the Irak adventure   : ) 
 Bill, you say that like it woulda been a problem or something.
Only if I ran out of SAPI plates threading my way through the IED lanes in Helmand...