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Photo Of The Day

Click for larger freckles
ARABIAN GULF (Nov. 23, 2011) Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Ashley Barnes, from Lewisville, Texas, reports surface contacts while on a .50-caliber machine gun watch on the fantail aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). John C. Stennis is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility conducting maritime security operations and support missions as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and New Dawn. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kenneth Abbate/Released)


It says something about me, that I would be more interested in the freckles on the .50 than I am those of the sailor.
She's a red head. Nothing but trouble. Good thing they put on the .50.
Day-um!  Cute as a button!  Bet she smells like Hoppes and gun grease.  Come to poppy, Honey!
 Hoppes is a nice perfume. I like that diaphanous claening patch material that cute chicks wear now and again as well.
Type casting .... let the chick tawk on the phone alla time.
My favorite Navy chick is Kathy Woods, who keeps a blog as Jackalgirl. (she's an ancient-Egyptian-religion reconstructionist) She also blogs in Esperanto, dropped out of grad school in outrage to enlist on 9/12, is a sonar nerd, and manned twin fifties aboard USS McFaul, arguably the nerdiest ship in the navy at the time. She was also on the ship's pistol team.  She has admitted that yes, sitting at the sonar and eating the yummy Navy cookies have made her ass fat.

I believe that she, too, hates the new stupid uniforms.
I see no evidence of a Ma Deuce anywhere.
JoA finally comes out of the closet and admits he's a weaposexual.
Grimmy, THAT's funny!  LOL
Ah, Castle Argghhh!, where long distance sexual harassment is only *one* of our skillsets.


Weaposexual...  that *is* good, except that it plays to the hoplophobe's "penis extention" theory.
A cute Texas girl with an M2.  Be still, my fluttering heart!.

Those silly, confused Hoplophobes. It's more about a deeply seated desire to be penetrated. They just dress it up in a phobe so they can be like all the other cool phobic cats.

One advantage to being a weaposexual is that you can bang your metalic loves in public... as long as it's on a range.
"She's a red head. Nothing but trouble."

Jim, having married one, I can assure you that's 100% completely true.  But also 100% completely worth it.

"Ah, Castle Argghhh! where long distance sexual harrassment is only *one* of our skillsets."

No, no, no it's: Castle Argghhh! where sexual harrassment will not be tolerated.  It will, however, be graded.
"I see no evidence of a Ma Deuce anywhere."

Bill ..... I bet you wouldn't see a Ma Deuce even if there was a quad 50 beside her and the freckles.

 Boq, that sweet thing with freckles controls lots of firepower. Yeah, I do think she would shoot your [REDACTED] off.

From DL Sly, we get, "No, no, no it's: Castle Argghhh!  where sexual harassment will not be tolerated. It will, however, be graded.”  Dang, we've got an instructor in this  crowd! This should be good. Amy suggestions?
 The last line should be, "Any suggestions?"
*looks over shoulder for hobnailed boot*

Hmmmm, it's been awhile since I put together a lesson let's start with the basics:

How To Break The Ice Within a New Group Dynamic

When one finds themselves in a new group, breaking the ice can often be difficult at best.  If you find yourself mired in that awkward silence that often defines a newly formed group, look over to the closest person of the opposite sex as yourself -- preferrably someone *much* younger than you  (if you get lucky enough to locate the youngest member of the group all the better) -- and ask, " you 69 or what?"  This will not only break the ice, but can also lead to dinner and drinks at a bar nearby.
Class dismissed.
What about 68?..... You do me and I owe you one,

Yanno, a real man let's a lady go first.

Sorry, DL, but local experimental data tends in a different direction; i.e. "you know, you're the same age as my dad?"

This harshes the mellow in more than one  way, yanno? :-/

Also, telling really corny jokes (waves hand, guilty) tends to reinforce this perception. Alas, I've had a preference for corny jokes since, well, forever. Silly me. I blame Bill. ;)