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My name is Little Orphan Annie, and I'm thankful that...

...SWWBO rescued me from the barn after I escaped the fox, and has provided me with this cool place to hang out, and that today is warm, and this sidewalk is, frankly, purrrrrrfect...
Yep, that's what I'm thankful for!


Plenty of scale there!
 Maybe a bit to much scale. Happy Thanskgiving to the Armorer, SWWBO, The Guineas, the Goats, the..., and all who post or lurk here!
A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all of you.   And, for your viewing pleasure, a bit of the Turkey Trot:
She looks so happy! Well, what are warm sidewalks for, anyway? 

Save some of the turkey for tomorrow... :)

Happy Thanksgiving, all.