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Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Facebook page of Veterans Against OWS.


Just make sure to disinfect your hand afterward...
 Do a thorough job too. There's no telling what those characters are carrying.
Reminds me of that joke about the blonde who goes into the tattoo parlor and says, "I'd like a tattoo of a turkey on the inside of my right thigh and a one of Santa on the inside of my left thigh, please.".......
Sly, I didn't get that for a couple of minutes. And then I almost sprayed juice all over my computer screen laughing.
We don't call her Sly for nuthin', Saker.

Well, actually the reason we call her that has nothing to do with being sly, it was just a fortuitous concatenation of random facts.

I'm mindful of the fact that *most* of the Dark Lord's stories are based in fact, albeit loosely.  There's a soon-to-be-on-the-beach Jarhead I should probably check in with...
Awww, John, you say the *nicest* things. 
Musta been all the tryptophan in your system lulling you into a rare moment of magnanimity.

Saker, I was hoping it wouldn't take too long for the punchline to sink in, as I certainly didn't want to risk brushing up against Da Rulez and the Big, Giant Boot of Doom.....

Actually we don't mind teh naughty.  We just want it to be clever, not vulgar.  Vulgar is easy.
...Ok, I took my stoopid pills today. I don' get it.

...Oddly enough -I just realized- I have no trouble getting Bill's jokes. :)

Casey - take a look at the sentence in the second set of quotes in the poster.  Read Sly's comment again.  Think of the semiotics of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Repeat until the light goes on.  If that doesn't work, turn in your rocky mountain oysters, you don't need 'em any more.