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From one paradise to another...

In the world of Top Gun, it's Goose who dies too young. Kittehs watch movies, too. And in the Ziegenfuss household in Hawaii, they got the story backwards. In Top Gun: Hawaii, it's Maverick who dies too young, as Carren had to send him to Piddler's Green yesterday because he lost his fight with an internal flight of MiGs. Goose and family mourn today.

Maverick is the tall dark handsome fella on the right.

Gandalf the Grey of Castle Argghhh! went to Piddler's Green just a few weeks ago, Mav. I've asked him to show you the ropes.

Especially the "Watching Place" where you can keep an eye on Carren and the kids. And of course, yer pal Goose.
Maverick Ziegenfuss

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance sing a soul to the Great Hunting Ground and Tennis Ball Chasing Facility at Piddler's Green


RIP, Kitteh! 
Love deh kitteh. Black and white. Twice the delight. So sad to see him go.
Where PussBo, Snowflake and Bella wait to greet their newest pals...
Klaus mit der Krallen, Madeline Khat, Chessie, BB, Shasta, Manfred Friheer von Stinker, Yciar, Atilla the Kat, Philip Duke of Meowborough, and a host of other kittehs are welcoming Maverick to Kitty Valhalla.

May Maverick's memory comfort his people.