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Buy this book... or the fat elf gets zapped with the Death Ray®!

 Not much of a marketing hook, but whattayaz 'spect from a Bad Cat Robot who aspires to Evil Galactic Overlordship through the liberal application of her Death Ray®?

No, really, our own BCR is on Amazon!  A note from the author:

It's live and everything! Plus, I only put it up four days ago and 8 copies have sold. I know who one of them is, but not the rest-- and I'm only just now getting around to sending the emails to tell people. W00t!

Link to the Amazon page: The Last Mage Guardian

Plus, she has launched a new website under her real name for the writing stuff, Worlds Away.  

More coming, like a second book in mid-December!

Congrats BCR!!!


just so happens that i've got a blank spot on my Nook that needs filling.  i'll be downloading it shortly.

Congrats BCR!
 Is that a self portrait, BCR?
I imagine she looks more like Dixie Lee Ray.  That's a compliment, BTW.
You guys crack me up ;-)  No, that's not a self-portrait.  For one thing, I'm not a redhead.  Nor do I make a habit of floating three feet off the ground.

Thanks, RetRsvMike!  The kitties shall eat tuna tonight!
 ... she used to wear glasses, ...

 Copy ordered, on my I-Pod Touch (with Kindle Reader) already! 

Talk with Larry //larrycorreia dot wordpress dot com/  he knows how to work the NYT bestseller numbers to your advantage. He also writes a darn fine story,

Now off to Amazon,
 Talk about a nice stocking-stuffer, BCR.  You make us all proud!
Got it. I browsed the first few pages and it is definitely something I'd read, even if I just happened onto it.

I just have one question. How do you get an autographed copy of a Kindle book?
She needs to get my comment to her out of moderation. It is quite flattering to her, actuallly.
I am on chapter 10 and I have been entertained the whole way. My ipad Kindle app is not showing page numbers, but I have been reading for 3 hours and have enjoyed every minute.

Buy the book!
 Finished it. I enjoyed it all the way through. BCR, this book accomplished what few book do, it makes you want to keep reading. 

So... When can I pick up the next one?

Paper, please.

No kindle.
Old QM:

What? No Kindle? What'r youze? Some sorta ludite? :P

Seriously, I just bought my Kindle a few days ago. Love the thing. I had been using an old Ebookwise Ereader gizmo but it died a miserable battery failure of a death. I got the Kindle because there's replacement batteries available for the thing... for when the day comes.

I've already got much of the old classics downloaded for free from such places as project gutenberg, so the price of the device is well covered by 40 or so of the Greek, Roman, early Briton/Saxon and lots of more recent histories I got for free.

I'm an old timey fan of fantasy type novels so I'll get this one for sure once I get a new batch of income in the bank. With the new Kindle and a new bed, I kinda wiped my money horde out... temporarily.

Old QM - Sabrina came very close to getting published by Baen before Jim Baen died.  It's now virtually impossible for a non-established author to get published these days, while the popular ones are being worked to death cranking out the series (I have visions of dungeons at the publishing houses).

The way to get published is, of course, to get published.  And the ebook venue provides a way for aspiring authors to get themselves noticed.  And Sabrina is going about this in the manner of a professional - i.e., she hired a real artist (not cheap) to do cover art for her ebook.  She's got to sell a goodly number of books to make back that investment. 

But if she can sell enough ebooks to show she has some gravitas, then you'll get your chance to read her the old fashioned way.  I like real books, too.  Especially if there are going to be pictures or maps.  But I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy on my Kindle. 

 Bad Cat Robot, if you are reading this... I think you have arrived! If this was in hardcover, it would go on the shelf next to my Robert Heinlein and Tolkien books! Thanks John, for putting out the word, finished it last night at 0140. (It was so good, I only drank 3 beers the whole book, too busy reading and not drinking to do more!)
WOW!  This is the stuff I like to hear.  I'm pleased people like it.  There will be another more traditional fantasy (swords, barbarians, etc.) coming out in mid-December, and a SF trilogy next year.  Currently working on another SF book.

JTG, your comment and others have been released from purgatory.  The robot responsible for notifying me of comments awaiting moderation has been sacked.

Paper versions- I am considering doing the print-on-demand thing Amazon offers, if I think the market is there (hint: get all your friends to buy my e-book!)  They wouldn't be cheap, unfortunately, probably around $15-17 unless a miracle occurs.  I will keep it in mind.
I really miss Jim Baen. His Free Library is quite wonderful.  And yes, I have later gone and paid money for books I first read there for free.  Take that, copyright trolls!
And if anyone is still reading this post's comments, thanks for the reviews, too!  They are worth their weight in gold on Amazon.  You guys really came through!