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Got an e-mail from a Viet Vet bud last night:

Bill -- I shot my first turkey this morning! Wow, what a rush!

Scared the bejeebers out of everybody else in the frozen foods section, though...


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


Your friend obviously takes the "better safe than sorry" approach. Got to make sure that thing is dead, or it might run away on its little stumpy legs.
Ah, you've learned well, Grassakerhopper...

 Happy Thanksgiving to you too Bill. When do you return to CONUS?
I'm back (at corporate HQ, anyway). I had to get an in-country brief, take *another* physical (in addition to the Class II flight physical I got in August and the Class I in the Ukraine), a crash course in Combat Lifesaving and Preventive Medicine (did you know Monistat cures athlete's foot?), and I made a trip to the local Wally-Mart in Fort Worth to pick up first-aid meds.

I blast off for the job tomorrow morning, but right now, I'm headed to the local gin mill for a Thanksgiving burger 'n' beer...
 Monistat is Miconozole Nitrate, also known as Lotrimin. 

Hate to hear they aren't giving you any home time. I know well the feeling of being away from home at the holidays.

Fly safe over there.

Heard if the suits are gonna let you blog about your new experiences?
I got the same thing from an auld phart Marine friend.  Gotta love those military circles.
 What a "turkey" !

It had to be a LEO, he yelled, "Freeze!" But the LEO raised his trusty shotgun and shot the already frozen bird. As you can imagine, the nearby customers started calling 9–1–1.  Dispatch sent backup and the officers realized the situation. They Kept the original officer distracted from the shotgun was on the floor. One of the backup officers came  back with the proper attire  For the turkey  for travel. The proper attire for  this turkey was simply a jacket  with real long sleeves. Since the earlier incident, it was decided to use this jacket on the original LEO. As the backup officers were putting it on him, he kept complaining about the facts, the jacket was on backwards and he couldn't move his arms. I wonder sometimes, if that original LEO wouldn't have felt, “Right, at home with this crowd.” You see, that jacket is  more commonly known as a “straitjacket.”


Happy Thanksgiving Bill!
All-in-all, it was a pretty good Thanksgiving -- thanks, folks!

Heard if the suits are gonna let you blog about your new experiences?

The OIC evidently slaps up the AARs on his Facebook page. I'm not going to comment on the wisdom of that, and I have to operate under rules created by four different organizations, only one of which is military. Sooooo, I'll be circumspect until I suss out what Teh Rulez are, perzackly.

Off to DFW shortly. "See" ever'body later...

 Facebook! (read with a sneer in my voice) I've never been interested in Facebook and have no intention of getting an account.

I'm guessing OPSEC isn't much of a concern if he's posting stuff to Facebook.

Hope you had a good flight.
Viet Vet bud, I saw you take the turkey down in the frozen food section. I was watching your six in the laxatives section.
QM, Facebook has its uses as a social networking tool. One of my buds re-aquired contact with his kids for the first time in many years via Facebook.

I think the problem is that too many people put too much sensitive stuff on their pages. I've never put up anything I wouldn't post in public on my blog.

Bill, glad to hear you made it back, and had a good holiday. Like the others, am awaiting eagerly any TINS you can share about the new job. Between you & Lex it's great reading.

 Casey, there are other issues with Facebook than the sensitive info thing. Consequently, I want nothing to do with it. What others do is their business, however.