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A dual Whatziss

I'll be travelling for a few days with no 'net availability, so I'll leave you with a dual Whatziss:

First, what's the function of the sorta-oblong object outlined in black and second, what's the yellow thing stuck in the lower-center of it?

No cat hairs for scale, because you'd need a *large* magnifying glass to see 'em.

Ready? Commence. Back in about a week...

...I hope.


Looks like a piece of radio equipment mounted on shock mounts.
1) Field-expedient Zen rock garden and 2) your foot in MOPP gear.  What did I win?

The oblong object is a Borschtisizer made by Great Patriotic Tractor Factory #5. The yellowish object is a "Brotherhood Banana" donated to their worker friends in Socialist solidarity by  Heroic Banana Barrio #32 in the tropical workers paradise of Cuba.

Viva Borscht Banana pudding!  The proof is in the pudding!
It's a post-mounted mirror, reflecting some internal contents of a the larger whatsis it's mounted on. The yellow blob is a rolled up Mae West.
It's a side mirror on your vehicle gimmicked to show the contents of your glove box with the metal box you're hiding the side arm you aren't supposed to have.

OPSEC dude.
On Star or (equiv) mounted drivers rear view mirror and the (yellow) thingy is a pointy finger activating one of the buttons.
Bad me.  Thing outlined in black is a peek a boo mirror so you can see the back of the "media" mirror.

first of all, the picture needs to be rotated counterclockwise - the mirrows are lenghwise on Mi17...
once you give us the proper orientation, we would be able to figure out what this is... right now seems like a window release mechanism (slides out and back)...

 It's the mirror he's been using to check out those Ukrainian Birds.
(Aussie slang alert)
It's one of those mirrors used to inspect under vehicles for stuff like drugs or the EOD uses to find things that go boooom.

The yellow thingy is your lunch.
The function of that oblong thing outlined in black is to reflect an image.
The yellow thing is your brand new Ukranian-issue flight helmet -- complete with mounting post for the *emergency escape propeller*.
I thought 'Birds' was English slang, wouldn't it be 'Sheila's' Down Under?

As for the object, it is obviously (as others have noted) some kind of mirror. I have a feeling that the clue about needing a large magnifying glass indicates that we're looking at something larger than we might think. Maybe the yellow object is a rolled up tool kit for a Ruskie helioflopper?
Well, I think the orange object on the left is an ACR handheld rescue strobe light.  Based on that, I surmise that the grey box-like object on the right may be some sort of aircraft ELT beacon-and the mirror is needed because the ELT is usually in the tail of the aircraft (although I don't know why you would put your rescue strobe in there with it)