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A Contest!

It's a guessing game, to test your ability to pick out certain people based solely on a single clue for each.

Naturally, I expect each of you to nail the answers in no time flat. Simple format -- just match the question number with the letter identifying each individual.


1. The US national(s) is/are ______.

How hard was that?

2. The lead instructor pilot of the Ukrainian Flight School and head of the Flight Training Division is ______.

Hint: He flew in Afghanistan during the Bad Old Days.

3. Aleksandr Kalashnikov *is* related to the designer of the Kalashnikov series of weapons and is ______.

So far, so good, horasho?

4. The interpreter who speaks four languages fluently and colloquially is ______.

Toughie, huh?

5. The Venezuelan flight engineer trainee who flew with me is ______.


6. The gunship pilot(s) who crashed the simulator trying (succeessfully) to shoot down multiple Iranian helicopters in a dogfight is/are ______.

"How To Fight Outnumbered And Win" was the Army doctrine in the '80s.


7. The guy who fixed all the leaks and seeps we came back with each day is ______.

>>>Multiple choice bonus question!<<<

8. I got transitioned into the Mi-17 in order to fly in

a. Afghanistan

b. Afghanistan

c. Afghanistan

d. Tierra del Fuego

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Answers in a buncha days from now.

Depending on whether or not Kabul actually *does* have connectivity.

Heh. Anyone who guesses "d." on question 8 has to relieve JMH on campfire duty over at SKK's place.


1.  B, E

2.  D

3.  F

4.  C

5.  A

6. D, E

7.   G

>>>Multiple choice bonus question!<<<

8. I just can't choose.  Too many options.
JMH *tried* to earn a Get-Out-of-Campfire-Duty free pass, but only won himself the right to use a tarp during the upcoming Wintry Season. Good thing. I'll be munching on s'mores whilst I decode the pic. I've got all of them except the two guys working on the engine, and the guy inside the cockpit. Oh, wait... 

1. B, E
2. D
3. F (Ask yr CousinUncleGranpappy Mikhail if he remembers his Day at the Tank Farm!!)
4. C (Hi, Mary!)
5. A
6. B, E
7. G
8. Ummmmm.... hmmmm.... uhhh... Heinrichs? You may temporarily depart the campfire for a moment...we need your expertise! 
Ochen Korosho!

1. B&E
2. D
3. F
4. C
5. A
6.B&E (and E was the ring leader, I'm sure).
7. G
8. I find it hard to believe you would go to all the trouble of a Mi-17 Transistion just to go to a SW Asian Paradise like the AFG. I think A-C, and your threat, are just meant to distract us from teh real answer which is D. And I didn't guess either.
Ummm... Q'master... I think JMH is going to be very happy!   Good thing, though because last time, he deliberately burned the s'mores!  :  ) 
 S'mores? What are those?

Besides, I like campfires. Why is JMH whining about it. Bill can join me at the fire while he's down in the del Fuego. It gets chilly down there. He might know something about s'mores too.

My friends call me QM. So do my enemies, but that's another story.
You've never had s'mores? Ah, Kyew-Emm, you are in for a treat. The basic version is 2 graham cracker slabs sandwiched around a chocolate bar and a layer of marshmallows, toasted over a campfire until everything starts to melt. JMH deliberately burned the last batch, and I have no idea why, because I told him he could use a tarp when it rained. Although...  It may have had something to do with Bill getting out of campfire duty on a technicality.... 
QM...graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate and a toasted marchmellow over an open fire. You make a sandwich. You should also be a Girl Scout.

KAK HAY??? What is Bill doing?? Feeding farm animals.

If "C" is the translator I would like to learn a new language.

And what are "H" and "I" doing up there on top?
Hiya, Fishie!


They're preparing the s'mores, of course! Never let good engine heat go to waste!
 S'mores ain't here:

You've been spiking the s'mores!!! That is downright devious! Let's give some to Holly.

Does the 'terp fly with you or does translation have to wait till you're back on the ground?

And where's Carborundum?
The terp is a groundling -- Mickey speaks fluent pilot:

"Fly. Climb 200 meters, we go to zone." "Land there, in forest." "Turn two-seven-zero." [After an hour of whifferdills in the clouds]: "Return to airfield, now. You know where airfield is?"
[Me, pointing to NDB needle]: "Two-zero-eight heading."
"Ëxact. Fly approach."
[Pre-recorded Russian female voice -- aka Natasha -- speaking in Russian]: "Number One engine, Icing. Number two engine, Icing." "Chit. All anti-ice ON!"
Hint for those of you struggling with Question 8. -- Dubai is nice and warm today...
 I'm sure OPSEC requires you stop over at Dubai before you depart for the Fuego. Looks like I'll have the fire going afore ye gets there Bill.
QM, how much chocolate did you get? JMH has been known to swipe. Just sayin'... 
 Who says I'm takin' JMH with me? Just askin'

Let's see about that itinerary...
Punta Arenas

That oughta shake off any tails. I'll have the Graham Crackers, Chocolade, and Marshmallows ready for ya Bill.
All of the above!

What I win again?
Yes! You win a free s'more from QM -- you'll just have to travel to Patagonia to pick it up...