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Too bad Cramer Creek is too shallow...

...rocky and narrow for one of these.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Oct. 21, 2011) Sailors assigned to Riverine Squadron (RIVRON) 1 maneuver patrol boats during a final evaluation problem. RIVRON 1 participated in the two-week field exercise that tested Sailors in a variety of scenarios and qualified the squadron for deployment. (U.S. Navy photo by Engineman 3rd Class Jason Howard)


Just the thing for waterfowl hunting. Add some punt guns and you would be set.
Still ain't as sexy as a Mk II.... (for those that don't know this is one of those, "Back in the old navy," lines)
Geez, I'd break a skid trying to shove one of those things off a mudbank with a Huey. At least the Mike boats had a couple of flat surfaces you could get some purchase on.

Not that I'd contemplate doing that, y'unnerstan...
 The Missouri River iddnt too far away. That otter work well.

Why would you want to push one those off a mudbank for Bill? Just sling load it an pull pitch. Ya know like they did on that documentary Apocalypse Now.
Okay why is it that the Navy wears those screwy blue cammies, but paints boats like woodland camo?
Great. Sailor wear those strange blue cammies .... but the boats are woodlandish camo.
Is that a surpressed Ma Duece firing on the aft end of that there boat?


alfa6 ;>}
It's an M2 with a BFA, (Blank-Firing Adapter). It's basically a muzzle cap held on with long bolts, that converts the barrel to a gas piston and operating rod, for use with blanks. So now you can say you've seen a gas operated M2 Browning.
Thanks Martin, after looking at the pic a while I THOUGHT I could make out a tube runnning along the top of the barrel.

Although a supressed Ma Duece would be pretty neat:-)


Rich in KCK

River monitors are about my most favorite weird and crazy warships, and they are getting close with that thing. There was a Soviet admiral who did some good work with tank turrets on barges, near Stalingrad, on the Volga.
"Geez, I'd break a skid trying to shove one of those things off a mudbank with a Huey. At least the Mike boats had a couple of flat surfaces you could get some purchase on.

Not that I'd contemplate doing that, y'unnerstan..."

What BillT left off is the word .... AGAIN.
There's nothing quite so rewarding as simply messing about in boats.
Jim, sailors who actually have to wear those things seem reluctant to talk about them. I hear that the AF is having a Stupid Uniform Problem, too.

The Marines do not seem to have these kinds of problems.
BillT, did ya ever land on one of the Tangos with a flight deck?
Yup. I refueled four times a day on the USS Harnett County during the first week of our Cambodian adventure, and of course, a whole buncha times on the World's Biggest Raft.

My eyes must be getting bad.  I don't see any blue uniforms on those bubbas, so one can assume, I think, that while bopping about on inland waterways, the Brown Water Navy types can wear green...
@Bill T:" The entire base was loaded on LSDs", yep the documentary Alpacalips Now

In the fine tradition of my favorite Platoon Sergeant who said, several times, "If it mves put a gun on it; if it still moves, put another gun on it." 
 The Navy "cammo" uniform is referred to derisively as the "blueberry." I got on eye full of them when I went aboard Midway in July as teh ship is still used for certain Navy functions and they had a detail aboard to clean up after a change of command for the Naval Supply Center.

The uniform looked idiotic and I felt sorry for the poor swabos that had to wear them.

I saw the Antelope in the Med a few years after the pics in Bill's link were taken. She tied up to Graham County with 3 other PGs. She was given to the Turks later, as I recall.

My DivO on Sylvania had been assigned to teh largest raft, but I can't recall what he used to call it. It wasn't the best place to be stationed in 'nam.
 Photo of aformentioned BFA:
... note that the gun remains recoil-operated; the purpose of the BFA is to recreate the internal gas pressures necessary to replicate the standard interior ballistics.

 Now Bill, you know we were never in Cambodia-Tricky Dick said so...
After looking at the photo again ... I gotta ask ... why aren't those guys using a minigun.  I have seen them shoot.
That might be a minigun up forward...
Could be. They use them on the all-metal assault boats, but not on the inflatables.