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That was the signal to go from Step 4 -- pistol out, oriented at the Bad Guy's feet, finger outside the trigger guard -- to Step 5 -- pistol up, aimed at Bad Guy's face, and blazing away within one second.

With a Glock 19. Never fired one before, but I had to qual with it for the new job.

First table was 4 rounds, rapid fire, combat reload, fire 1 round, and holster. Two iterations.

The following tables were all malfunctions -- clear the misfeed, fire 4 rounds, combat reload, fire 1 round, and holster. Two iterations.

Clear the stovepipe, fire 4 rounds, combat reload, fire 1 round, and holster. Two iterations.

Clear the double-feed, fire 4 rounds, combat reload, fire 1 round, and holster. Two iterations.

It was -- ummmm -- interesting. First time I'd fired a pistol since 2004, and for the first table, I tried using the new grip the instructor showed us (six of us, all vets, the other five politely commenting that their dads had been in Vietnam). I wound up getting *both* index fingers inside the trigger guard, thought "This ain't working" and went back to the grip I'd been using for forty (plus) years. The Glock 19 isn't anywhere near M1911-sized, but I managed.

First impression: no mechanical safety made me very careful about holstering the little beast without looking at the holster (something else that was required -- drawing, reloading, and holstering solely by *feel*).

Second impression: the mag release and slide lock are made for hobbits. I had a helluva time getting the mag release depressed for combat-reload without looking -- a distinct disadvantage to having geriatric thumbs.

Third impression: it's easy to shoot. It's light, it gives you a good sight picture without any effort, and once I got used to bringing it up fast for bang-machen without bringing it too high and then lowering it on target (Bad Guy's face -- "Always go for the head shot whenever possible"), it was easy to squirt rounds in the target's direction.

How'd I do?

Forty rounds, 38 head hits and 2 in the clavicle. Okay, so I ain't John or SKK, but considering it was rapid fire, combat reload, clearing malfunctions, and experimenting with grips, I'm happy with it. That's a 25-meter target, but the instructor had us firing these tables from a more realistic 10 meters to simulate clearing a building.

Hi-rez for those of you who get a kick out of seeing punched paper.

The record tables were nowhere near as exciting.

And no, my new job does not involve clearing buildings -- if it ever does, I will have harsh words with the guys in the bunkers.

More details later, once I find out what the company rulez are concerning blogging...


 Hard to believe you have not fired a pistol since 2004. I'm a Colt .45ACP guy (or Para-Ordance, Kimber, ...) but my wife and I both carry the Glock 23 because she likes it better. Hope you enjoy your new job!
If you have the chance, check out the Springfield XD or XDM.  They have the trigger safeties of the GLOCK but add in the grip safety of the 1911.  I also find they point better for me.   Mag release and slide lock are also a lot easier for people with normal sized hands.  The XDM's slide release is even better than the XD's.

And pretty good shooting!
 Really watch that whole holstering thing with the Glock.  If any clothing projects into the trigger guard you add a racing stripe to your leg, and every one will brand you as holstering with your finger in the trigger guard.  I know a very skilled IDPA shooter that had that happen to her. 
Well, if you have to do pistol quals for this job, it must be pretty cool.
My son-in-law is a Sheriff Deputy. They use Glocks. He let me fire his.

They are okay. Plus they are dishwasher safe.
That's really crazy, the way they got bullets to work in a squirt gun! For that reason alone, I love DARPA. Good shootin,'  too.. y'oughtta hang onto that target. Oh, wait. You did!   : D
Pistol qual and M-4 qual, both, Saker. It is gonna be a pretty cool job.

SKK, you'd *like* the M-4. It squirts the bullets right where you want them --


-- out to about 300 meters, anyway. At least, mine did.

Hitting the airport for Part One of the job. Update next week, because I'll be in the air the rest of today and most of the day tomorrow...
The M-4 *looks* really cool, but the stock sort of freaks me out. I am sooo into the M-16. But I'd give the M-4 a shot. As long as I got to keep my target. Heh.
I have a friend who has been to the stan a couple of times. During his most recent trip he bagged a Taliban with his M-4 on a motorcycle at a range of almost 1,000 meters.

He says it took 30 rounds ... and near the end he was using the printing at the bottom of his scope thingie for a reticle... and a bunch of Kentucky windage. He doesn't know if he hit the Taliban (who turned out to be some kinda leader) or the motorcycle ... but they both went down, and neither one got back up.  They collected some cool intel from the leftovers.

Fluke? Maybe, but he did it twice to two different Taliban.  That one took a whole magazine too.
Never mind the blogging rules--what does the new boss think about cartooning?

I've tried to like Glocks but they don't like me.  The grip fits my hand wrong, unlike my 1911 which feels like they designed it for me ;-)
@ Jim B - re: dishwaher safe - So are stainless steel 1911s.  Heck so is my reproduction 1858 Remington once I take the grips off. - put the nipples and other small parts in a big tea ball. 
 SKK, if the bad guys saw you with a pan of that Deflagrating Lasagna, they'd run screaming in terror.

1911 man meself. Don't like the 9mm, but would use it if it was all I had. The pistol is what you use 'til you get to the rifle.
Q'master, I was driving home from the grocery store with noodles and pasta sauce-fixin's in the car, and a cop car pulled up beside me. Thankfully he wasn't ATF. I don't have my CLP!*

*concealed lasagna permit 

When they regulate lasigna I revolt.

They haven't regulated lasagna in Europe, yet -- just had some for breakfast.

Dunno about lasigna, though...
Pitty that all the Barney paper targets were all used-up.  Be safe UnkaBill.
Nice, Bill.

Wish I could rememeber where I put that target from the Tennessee concealed carry permit class. 

Never shot the Glock.  Issue M1911A1, yes. P38, PPK, Webley, M9, S&W 625, yes.  These days my favorite is the Para Carry 12.

But on a more practical level, my favorite gun is the one that's closest to hand when I need a gun.
In retrospect, I was just being paranoid. If the lasagna is broken down and the parts are in different bags, it's okay to have it locked inside the trunk. I wonder if the back of the Jeep counts as a trunk if I put a tarp and bungee cord on top of the bags...

Bill, I was a bit worried about you eating the lasagna from an unknown source, until I remembered: Europe has not yet stolen the lasagna bomb technology. I wouldn't go near it if you happen to find yourself anywhere near a blast site, though. Just in case. Just sayin'. 
I just hope that SKK doesn't attempt to fool the Israeli Airport Security System with her Italian Noodles.  From a friend's EMail:
This is certainly interesting. Got to love this, what a good idea! The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners. It's an armored booth you step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on your person. Israel sees this as a win-win situation for everyone, with none of this crap about racial profiling. It will also eliminate the costs of long and expensive trials.

You're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter, an announcement:

"Attention to all standby passengers, we now have a seat available on flight 670 to Dulles. Shalom!"
What - you don't think they'll be appeased with a Mazel-tov Cocktail?

*innocent smile* 
I have a Glock 19.  One of my favorites.  Lots of rounds.  It's about the size of my HK Compact .45 USP. 

But, the M1911A1 is my first love of pistols and I will never get over her.  Fortunately, she doesn't get mad at me for having other friends.  Bitching target qual.  Remind me to stay cordial and out of range.
Do we have a link to the famous exploding lasagna incident?  I only vaguely recall the details (having the memory of a goldfish comes with some disadvantages).
Yes, the lasagna bomb has been chronicled, both in first-hand account and numerous -- okay, maybe three -- AARs.
Still #1 on Google for Exploding Lasagna, I might add. With the Number 2 slot being held by a Castle AAR. 

*beaming with pride* 
Hey! My last comment got held! And I was being nice, too.