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The Whatziss ala JimB...

...wherein the Armorer takes random parts and mixes them up so that you can assemble a nice neat mind-picture of what the overall object is that the component is from. Kinda like putting up a rubber grommet, and asking you to identify which motor vehicle it came from. Hey... I just had an idea!

Does not embiggen. That would just be more confusing.


Are you sure that's part of something?
Maybe something related to a feed  system- belt loader, belt feeder, goat food separator...
Are you sure that's part of something?

Yep.  Same thing the part yesterday was from, too.

J(NTA) - Nice butt-cover there...  esp at the end!
It looks like the sort of leftover thing mechanics pull out a vehicle but didn't know where to put it back.

I'm going to pretend something slides past it but that's about as specific as it's going to get.

It could be a miniature antique scrubbing board.

You can approve the comment in the other post now.
You bastard! Uh, Sir!
JTG, he is not a bastard.  He is a Swell Old Boy.

The object in question is obviously a toenail clipping from a Gorgon.
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