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Street Battle - ROME

Occupy Rome at Work. Live Stream: HERE

Next stop: CONUS.



Battlespace prep by the international Left.  We're headed into dangerous times.
 O.T. question. Did anyone figure out the Quasi-Whatzizz with the beets/mauser is or what it was?

It was the Mausers, Jon.  Just the weirdness of seeing US troops using Mausers.
Nice red silk blouse!
The "occupy" rent a mob of idiots are the initial wave of the liberal's long cherished "class warfare" fighters.  They may not know what they are fighting for (or against) or how this crap will make anything better, but they have been told for most of their lives that "evil rich people are cheating the little guys" and want to change that.

Truth, facts, logic do not matter.  These folks are gullible enough to be led by anyone in any direction at all, and the left has no shortage of evil leaders willing to get in front of this rabble and direct them against the producers of this nation.

It may get very ugly.