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So, how many of us are old enough to remember...

...*this* kind of camo-net? The old jute rope with burlap strips variety? auld_camo_1.jpg And especially how freakin' heavy they were when they got wet/muddy/snowy?  I got this one for the Castle Technical.  It will frankly spend most of its time rolled up on the front hood.  But if I ever decide to do the living history display kind of thing, and get a trailer and a hex tent, it would actually find itself out sunning like it is in these pics, covering up Heimdall, the Howitzer of Argghhh!.  I'm letting it get a little sun because it had been in storage a long time before I got it, and it needs some sun to reduce the musty smell.

For those of you youngsters who don't appreciate how light and relatively easy-to-handle your current radar-reflecting nets are - come visit on a rainy day and we'll let you deal with this one!


A GP small with a wood heater is a pretty good family camping set up. One my Scout Troops used nothing but former Army tentage. GP small for the Scoutmaster and his minions, and squad tents for each patrol worker rather well.

I saw the old cammo nets in my company supply room while in the TARNG (mid 80s). We loaded the things to go to AT, but never used them.
I can *still* smell the %$#@! things...
Yeah, they do have a unique odor.  Right up there in Memory Lane with diesel in winter and canvas...
 Ours, never being used, smelled of rope and burlap. At the old Armory, the dominant odor in the supply room came from those things. And, yeah, I can still smell it. I can also remember the odor of the room where we got our first clothing issue in Boot as well.

Theer are some odors that just don't fade with time.
That brings back memories.  I remember the stench of those babies in the supply room of my Army Reserve unit.  Some things you just don't forget!