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Seen around the Castle on Sunday...

The Castle Mail-Dragon was heard to mutter "I see your lance, Georgie-boy, and raise you my Garand!"

Hmmm. Whazzat going on down by the fuel point?  Oho!  Stitches is in the Stocks of Argghhh!

C'mon, big boy - "buck" up!  Lots of guys spend mucho dinero to get two hawt chicas to give 'em a full body wax!  Well, sheared, anyway.  I'm thinking you really wouldn't want a wax...


Mr Armorer, sir?  Don't mean to alarm you, but your dragon appears to have a pretty bad crick in his neck.
He is a little stiff, Mike.  But we like him all the same.
Speaking of Stitches, how many did you need after affixing the dandelion-digger to the M-1?
None.  I'm more at risk when *removing* bayonets. 

Stitches got his name, however, from the fact that SWWBO needed stitches after cutting herself while making him a sweater last winter when he was born.

I see the dragon has got georgie covered two ways; bullets and (backup) lance.

Cute l'il fella.

 *Get the treats, this dang fool means business!*
 Stitches looks as though he could do without the two hawt Chicas doing the fur removal. If it's as chilly there as it has been here the last few, he'll dislike the result quite a bit.
It's 80 today.  And he'd much rather it be done now than in December, when his damn coat will be so thick as to be nearly impossible to shear and *filthy*.
Actually, that does raise a question I wondered about.  After seeing the sheep in pens in Ireland (and I can only imagine goats aren't so different), do you wash them before shearing, or just wash the wool after?
Wash the wool after.  Sheep/goats are hard to spin dry.
 Do goats get sheep ticks? 

That is an awesome dragon, by the way. (Not that there are a lot of non-awesome dragons...)
Is this the time when goats start to look at the sheep dip process a little differently?