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Now to apply the thumbscrew...

The anomalies just keep piling up!

These pics don't embiggen. Nothing to be gleaned from larger-format pics, I assure you. This should be confusing enough.


 OK, left handed threads, BSA marque, what looks like a gas piston....Sword Pattern SMLE Semi-Auto conversion?
Or possibly the Charleton (sp?) conversion...
 Air gun?  Pneumatic?  But it has a proof mark.  Lee-Metford?
 Nope, not a Gold Star, despite the single cylinder.

 SMLE Mk. III - but no fore wood.  It maybe the operating rod and cap for a Charlton, but like the one from Wikipedia, not the one in Skennerton pg. 150.
There's something else interesting - or, rather, missing, besides the wood.
Pistol grip?

Looks like a Charlton or a Howell. Hard to tell with the lower parts missing.
Indian .410 guard conversion - hence no rifling.  But then I don't know what the other bit was.
.410 conversion seems logical (but we know that our tormentor uses that against us!), as an explanation for the oversize bore.  The barrel proofs are still .303.  No "SLME Mo 1 Mark III" markings on the right side of the socket, so that has either been scrubbed or was never there.  Perhaps on the left side, but this seems to be the No 1. Mark III/III* action body which was usually marked on the right.

The BSA stacked rifles on top of the barrel and BSA receiver seem to match, but the barrel just looks newer.

I will stick with my guess that this is some sort of sub-caliber/ aiming tube/ .22 trainer type conversion, perhaps commercial rather than issue type.
Sorry, Geoff.  The bits all go together...

It *does* depend on recoil for proper operation...  yet no one has yet gotten there.
Like the .410 Indian Police conversions, there were also a number of gane darting rifles made up of old .303 rifles....
..sorry, GAME darting rifles.
I'd call you an evil man, but that would just egg you on :-)
True enough, QM.  Not to mention just belaboring the obvious...