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Now to apply the electrodes...

Okay, let us continue. This is the other end of the rod from yesterday, with a 9mm round for scale, and the blued disk is a component of the overall item. The pic will embiggen.whatzis_14_2_web.jpg


See! I was right! There is the tea diffuser.
Looks like the blued disk screws on to the end shown yesterday.  May act as a sealer to some gas tube thing-a-ma-jiggy.  Yeah - for sure.  ML
Bayonet stand!  Um, Czechoslovakian, Ladies Marching Band issue circa 1943.  Manufactured under license by the Hasenpfeffer Sewing Machine Corporation.
I is perfectly obvious that the round thingy screws onto the long whatchamacallit,
to retain the widget to the whole gizmo.

You do enjoy torturing us this way, don't you?
Perhaps a subcaliber insert of some sort.?

Or the arbor around which a revolver cylinder rotates?
Wild guess - Romanian RPK

What did I win?
This is a good one.

The spherical surface on the "cap" makes it look as though it might be some kind of "Shift" lever like a gearshift, but there isn't enough wear to the bluing to indicate it was used in this manner. The hollowness seems to indicate the need for either lightness or allowing gas to get somewhere else. A gas tube for something elderly and huge, like an SVT-40?
Well, the opening in the blued disk does look to be about the same diameter as the 9mm, and it's threaded, so it does look like yesterdays will attach there.  Assuming that is the case with the measurement, the rest of the disk looks to be about 40 or so mm total.  So I think I'm going to go along with John (Not the Armorer) as a subcaliber insert, perhaps a training setup for some sort of grenade launcher.

If that's the case, can I come shoot that, as well as that RPG Training insert setup you have?  <grin>
mmmm... Hasenpfeffer! Where's that wascally wabbit...?
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