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My peeps!

Now here's a serious moment of Gunner Zen from Afghanistan.  Note the crews are, erm, in "non-standard" kit, meaning this fire mission came as a surprise.

The did remember their hearing protection.  Which is a good thing, given that the crew on the left is well within "Danger Area Echo" of the second gun.

H/t Kevin for the link.

[Things seem to be a little hinky today - if the video isn't displaying, click here.]


Hmmm....... I'm a little surprised that they're not wearing their Kevlars.  Shooting like that can cause a little scurrying that could result in an inadvertent concussion (not the artillery type).  Crew looks pretty calm, indicating their level of training.  Interesting quadrant - they're not shooting very far!!  ML
Gotta love casual Fridays!

It almost looks like they are using those as direct fire weapons, doesn't it? 

From what I have read, being calm while in action is the hallmark of the King of Battle. 

Not being a Redleg, I plead ignorance, but is that the same pop-gun my twins were playing with recently (I shared the pix to you on G+)?

Regardless, nice to see the pros at work with their tools. that a pile of charge bags on the ground next to the gun?
Another example of why we called them gun bunnies in 65. Everyone seemingly running in a different directions.

Chris - yes, those are M777's, like those Marine guns your spawn were crawling over and about, demonstrating that the younger generation are young men of high quality and discerning taste.

Joe - those look to be pre-cut charges, since the assistant gunner picks 'em up and stuff's 'em into the breech after they're done ramming the projo.

Heh.  Greatest killer on the battlefield.  American artillery is the best in the world.
Um, in fact, I'm almost sure this is, in fact, Canuckistanian artillery... virtually the same thing, though they might disagree.
 Everyone knows that Canuckistan is not American. It's just the westernmost part of Europe.
I was just going to pipe in that they're Canuck or Brit...the truck in the background definitely isn't US military.

QM - what may or may not be true about some aspects of Canuckistani government and some elements of society is most definitely not true about the Forces.

I'll take a Canadian to my front, left, right, or rear any day of the week, in absolute confidence.  You do them a disservice.  The same is true for a Brit, Aussie or Kiwi. 

Agreed, John. Wasn't talking about the troops. It was a backhanded glance at Canuckistani society in general not being Murican.
John and I just had a Canadian Major of Artillery give a presentation at our Rotary meeting.  The Canuck's have stood with us solidly, as have all of the ABCA-NZ contingency. I hope we don't screw up this alliance. Just sayin'.  ML
Heh.  Flag on the play, late hit by Mike!
My statement is still true, regardless of the folks in the video.