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Let us have a Whatziss!

I'm grumpy. Torturing you always makes me feel better. By the time this is over, I'm thinking I'll be glad most of you aren't neighbors, else there be a run on pitchforks and torches at the local big box home improvement destruction store.  If I did this right, the pic should embiggen.  Much cat hair for scale.  Pay attention - there's a clue in there you'll want later.  Well, maybe.  *I* think it's a clue, but I could be wrong because I so totally know what this is a component of.

Rare.  Not common.  Not new, either.  The red stuff is preservative grease.



Technically, that is a threaded pipe, with right-hand thread. Possibly a Banjo Bolt. No pitchfork required, and even if it was, I couldn't heave it from Oregon to Kansas.

The uses of said pipe/bolt are secondary, right? No one plays THOSE sort of guessing games, do they?

Uses ARE required? What sort of madness is this? OK, it's the threaded end a cylinder pin out of an old. steel revolver.
Gas thread.  Further deponent sayeth naught.
Hmmm.  Left hand threads.
Ah, Rivrdog, you soothe the soul of a grumpy old Armorer...
Quick on quick off.  It's machined.

Ahh ha one of the hairs is from a goat.  Knowing which one answers everything!

Why is preserving grease red?
Not sure, Argent.  I would guess one of the additives in it.  Modern gun greases don't have that property, as I recall.

But I do know that weapons coming out of long term storage (which are often greased, vice just oiled) can look pretty rusty when in fact they aren't, it's just a property of the gease - and it could be a property of the breakdown of components in the grease over time.
 Threaded hollow swing pin for the Two Pound Nepalise Swinging Breech Mountain Howitzer and Chi Brewer, the left hand thread gives it away. I could be wrong. R
Looks sort of like a gas tube used in the Tokarev M38 or M40 or the G43/K43, and I think some of the AKs used similar stuff. 
 Not my favourite Screw, Retaining.

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Semper Fi!
 Perhaps you didn't know where to leave it, but it came through three times. Marines do wish to be clear, it seems.

Or are you a spammer. The god of this blog, I'm sure, will inform me, I'm sure.
The barrel of an old furrin firestick.
I just clicked on here,because why?  I am listening to my Kenneth Alford CD, and have "The Mad Major" on endless repeat.
 Could it be a primer tube from a shell, it looks something like one out of a 3"50.
I believe 1 of your advertisements triggered my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.