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Horse Soldiers




I left my love a letter in a holler of a treeeeeeeee
Said I was gonna join the US Cavalry....

What they did was a magnificent accomplishment. They deserve the honors they get.

But where are their sabers?
Or the yellow ribbons?

Better watch it here, though. The Red Leg running the place might take offense. :-)
Uh, remember, Red Legs tremble at the sight of the beloved Half-Section at Ft. Sill's Academy for Wayward Gentlemen.
Heh.  This Redleg at least owns a functional howitzer and prime mover.  How many of you cavalry aficionados have horse, McClellan, and saber?
Got the saber.  My urban HOA would frown at the caballo.  Too expensive for me to maintain anyway.  Wouldn't mind an M777 with 5 ton hauler.
If only the kids at OWC events all over the country had one tenth of the honor and love of country that these men posessed...

 Dave, if they had 0.000001% of that it would be a great improvement. They're just a bunch of little babies at OWS and Associates.