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Comparing the grips of the 3 Amigos...

There being much discussion in yesterday's post about clunky pistols and grips, I thought I would toss this up from the Holdings of the Castle - from left to right: the Walther P1, the DWM Luger, and, of course, Colt's instantiation of John Browning's masterpiece, the M1911A1. From a grip perspective, I prefer the M1911A1 (also heavily influenced by the heft of same), then the P1, and the Luger, with that uncomfortable rake, dead last. From a sights perspective, I'll take the P1, as it has much clearer 3-dot sights (meaning a white dot on either side of the notch, and one white dot on the front sight post - much easier to align on target, especially in dim lighting conditions).

This pic will enlargify if you rub it properly.


That gat had a gitten
John, wot's the date on the Luger? Any Imperial unit markings on the front grip strap?
The Luger is a 1918, with subsequent rebuilds by Weimar and the Nazis and the VoPos (hence the black plastic grips). 
Now, does your grip preference change when using a one handed grip (which the 1911 was designed for) vice two handed?

Having large-ish hands, I find the grip of the 1911-series on the small side for a proper two hand grip.  I find big boys like the CZ-97, or the oft-derided M9, much more to my liking when using both handes.
In truth, I still like the M1911 for a two-handed grip.  And the P1.  The Luger?  Not so much.
John Moses Browning's M1911 is the finest close combat weapon system known to man.
See what I was talking about?  The angle on the grip of the 1911 is between that of the other two.  And it has more weight out front so as to be a more natural pointer. 

I've got big hands, with wide palms and somewhat short for the palm size fingers. But the 1911 is possibly the most comfortable semi-auto I have ever handled either off hand or two hand.  Teh 92FS is a close second.
The Luger fits the hand and points naturally. The P1 almost as good.

That said, I like sidearms who's caliber starts with a 4
 I wanted a P1 and a Lugar for the having. John Browning's masperpiece I have for the having and the using. IIRC, Delta went back to the 1911A1, while the SEALs went to the H&K USP. The H&K is OK. I just don't like DA handguns. But then, a hand gun is what you use 'til you can get to the rifle.

My taste in Rifles runs to FN FAL and G3 in 7.62. I've got a Daewoo DR-200 in 5.56 which I like OK, just don't much care for 5.56 in a real fight. The Korean piece is, however, a much better rifle than Stoner's product. AR-15 lockup with the AK gas system, but adjustable like the FN. Jee-Chink did 5.56 right.
1911 grip. Sights, train with what you'll use when TSHTF. Green dot over amber i for night, but I haven't changed them yet.  Three same color dots, since I'm cross-dominant, seems risky.
Htom - I don't understand.  The dots line up horizontally, where does eye dominance come into play there?  If the concern is the middle dot finding itself on either end, vice in the middle, surely you'd notice the gap?

Correct alignment would look like:   "ooo"
Incorrect would look like  "oo o"  or  "o oo"

Or do I misunderstand you?
Correct: o o o
Incorrect: o  o  o

Coupled with decades of " Target, front sight, front sight, front sight, bang!" and ADHD, I can imagine taking the second for the first.


less confusing.
Some of them are actually o 0 o  or 0 o 0 (and there are a bunch of others, too) which mistake to
0   o   o  or  o   0   0 ; easily distinguished, of course, but under stress ....

I have not seen ><  (> on the front, < on the rear, >< marks the spot ....)  it might be too fussy shooting over the merged x in daytime not so nice.

> o < I tried and didn't like.
I've got P-38s in 1943 and 1961 states, several 1911s, and a Stoeger Luger.

Luger grip.

1911 ergonomics.  1911 sights.  1911 rulez, thanks to St. John Moses Browning (PBUH)