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Caption Contest (Constitution's Cliffy The Clown Edition)



One day a year, on this ship, the Captain gets a taste of what the crew *really* thinks of his leadership abilities.

Hey!  Isn't there a similar room in the White House?  There should be.
 QUIT STALKING ME YOU MISERABLE SONS OF SEA COOKS! I shall hurl vile epithets upon you and crush you with my coffee cups. Now, hand me my broom, Scullery Scum. I have a party to attend.
 You mean wardrooms are not like this?
 Many years ago, I was traveling with some friends on one of the major trucking routes in this area. It was a few days before halloween. Holly, your comment brought this back to my memory. In the middle of the left lane, we saw a 'traditional broom', with the handle pointed in the same direction we were traveling. It was then you began to here the comments. "*Ah Chit, altimeter failure!*"  "*Did the old broad have clearance for 'touch 'n go', I guess not.*"
Pay no attention to the man behind the window. In her last refit, Constitution had glue-lam knees installed. If there were still more Live Oaks than Real Estate MFs in Flarduh, that might not have been necessary.
 OK John whay aren't you calling just this guy a shipwrightery geek?
JTG is special.  And he's ours, a veritable Castle treasure.  Plus, we get paid to keep him occupied with bright shiny things so that he doesn't go out and harass the snowbirds.