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Caption Contest (Aerial Acrobatics Deformations Edition)

Proof Positive, that aviators get no respect.

WARNING: Clicking on the [Read More] may cause irreparable eye damage.

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Ron knew that sooner or later, the blonde would have to turn around...
Looks like a typical Quebecois vacationing in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  The only difference is that the true Quebecois have hairy backs, are loaded down with gold chains, and the speedo/thong would be hot pink.
Gayly cavorting at the beach in his Artillery branch colored attire, but getting no attention, some retired Army dude wonders if perhaps the Navy would have been a better choice, as everyone seems to admire the Blue Angels' aerial performance.
Looks much more like an Earthpig than a Gunner to me, J(NTA).  But really, he looks even more like a Surface Warrior.
A Blue Streaked Angel.
Of course, squinting at the picture (which one must, in self-preservation) those are really Euro-weenies - 'cuz those don't look like F/A-18s.  Those guys look more like Frecce Tricolori.
When did the Blue Angels trade in their US-made F-18s for Russian-built L-39s?
 I thought the L-39 was made by the Checks. Those do look like L-39s in any case.
Those Cheeky Czechs!
This'll make you sleep easier...

OK...thst's the GUY on the Russian beach. Consider his female counterpart...

...and dispair.

 Ron knew that sooner or later, the blonde would have to turn around... and was quite proud that he still wears the same size speedo undies that he wore in college...
 Simply put,  "Argghhh !"
Thought bubble for the guy in red:

"You... You mean... I'm not COOL anymore..? *SOB*"
Heard from the kid standing with his mother behind the guy in the pic:

"Look ma, he shoulda worn a bra too when he was young. Now he has saggy bags on his back, just like you have on your front!"
The L-39 is a Czech design, but license-built in Russia and Poland, QM. Since neither the Polish nor Russian national insignia is visible, I guesstimated that those belong to the Rooskie MoD training school.

Buuuuuut I could be wrong.
I knew the L-39 was built in Poland and Russia and was just playing (note silly misspelling of Czech). I wonder if Rooskis worry about the niceties of "license" building them anymore than they did under Gorby and his predecessors.

Hard to tell who those belong to. Wouldn't mind owning one meself. However, that's just what remains of the kid in me. The 57 yo would hate to pay the fuel bill to fly it.