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And now for some misdirection...

...although not really. This is probably going to nail it for at least one of you.

This isn't a component of the current Whatziss, but it *is* in the same mode as the current Whatziss.


Looks like a dirt packer to me but I suppose such a shape could have other uses.
I think I recognize the new clue, but am not sure how it relates to the torture instrument, unless the latter is another variation of the former.
 SMLE modded to be a dedicated rod type grenade launcher?
 OFS just had a bad flashback to the decks of the Pumping Pineapple (USS Ponchatoula AO_148)

Maybe a line throwing projectile for a converted SMLE- it  LL the rod projectile we used in the .45-70
linethrowing guns that preceded the M-14s.
A plunger to which a spring was fitted, being the propelling device for said firearm?
Ramrod, bore clearing, one (1) each.  ML
jim b leans into the microphone .... clears his throat ... then sits back.
Fencing musket - for bayonet training?