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A Viper On The Loose

Can anyone say: "Deiner Papieren Bitte"!



Theoretically it is only for truckers at weigh stations.

For now.

Remember, this is being run by Homeland Security, the same bunch of nitwits and incompetents who oversee your friendly local airport TSA goons and gropers.

The concept of asking truckers to report stuff they think might be of concern is fine.  But, given the track record of blunders by HSA and TSA anything else is just bureaucratic inconveniences that likely will never detect or deter a single terrorist.

The failure to stop millions of illegals streaming across the border, or take out their very effective surveillance operations along the border, or to put a dent in drug smuggling does not inspire confidence that this will do any better.

Alert citizens, preferably armed, are a more likely detection and deterrent factor.
welcome to the USSR, people. That (and some former Soviet republics still today) is the only place I've ever seen this before, and even there it wasn't this intrusive.
Mostly the checks consisted of traffic slowing down, and a cop looking into the cabin to check faces with a list of wanted people.
If they didn't recognise a face, you got a wave and you're on your way.
I thought there was one of these interior checkpoints, on I-5 in California north of San Diego on the coast. Almost ended up in the clink. Turns out there are lots of them. :(
I've run into the interior immigration checkpoints in Texas and Arizona before.
I was gonna say.  There is an INS Check-point right before reaching Temécula going North on I-15 from Sandy Eggo.  It was a required drive-through on our way to our favorite Winery in the area.

Maybe LaMigra might elucidate us with his vast expertise on the matter.
State beverage agents "still" have checkpoints in certain areas of north Baker County, FL, to make sure one is not transporting "untaxed liquor".
It's like they don't trust us.
 I was in El Paso about 3 months ago for work and had to make a run up to Albequerque and ran into something like that on I-25(?).  The Border Control agents were very nice and polite, but I'm guessing it's because of my appearance and the fact that I was obviously travelling alone.  I try really hard not to screw around with people who are armed and can make my life hell.
1972? I stopped at the sign, one of them pointed an AR-15 at my rental's hood, the leader knocked on my window, I rolled it down, he said "Papers", and I said "Deiner Papieren, Bitte." Then the shouting started.