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A Georgian Thank-you



Hmmm, where have I seen that before?

Seems that there was a famous brewer that commissioned a bit of cinema...

More importantly, I saw it in September of 2009, in the concourse of either Dallas or Houston, when my lads and I walked from aircraft to aircraft, and our fellow Americans gave us a rousing cheer to welcome us back.

I was grateful.
Way better than the non-violent spit, blood and bricks that welcomed the nam vet back home.
It is nice to be appreciated, even if it isn't your own people.
Georgians welcoming their own. They don't have a huge army, but they did their share in Iraq and (I think) still have over 500 troops in Af-stan.
I'm sure gald we never nuked each other.  It's much more fun having the Georgians and Ukrainians and Poles on our side!
Yup. The Ukrainians are great hosts, too!

  It was a different world back in my day, and John's day, and the days of so many others. I am so greatful that I lived to see such things in my lifetime.  That I lived to see a stranger thank my own son for his service, was more than I ever expected and it's made up for a great deal of past sins.

  He's learning now, too, what I tried to tell him when he left: That the world he left isn't here for him anymore. His service changed him in ways that he is now only coming to understand, and the friends he left behind aren't the same as when he left.  He's grown up, and to a certain extent, grown apart, but he's adjusting, as all good soldiers learn to do.

  I see these Ukrainian soldiers, and I think to myself.......  it's likely to be the first time in generations that anyone but their own families welcomed them home.

  My how the world has changed.  :)