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Teamsters Thuggery

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By now, you have all gnashed your teeth at The Teamsters latest example of thuggish language:

An exuberant example of stump-speech rhetoric?  Perhaps.  But when the Teamsters talk like that, I listen.  For I remember well what happens when their hate speech (EXACTLY like Hoffa's) and  followed by their direct action, murdered 96 innocents souls.

I was back home for the holidays December 31st, 1986.  Teamsters Local 901 was shaking-down the old Dupont Plaza Hotel for a labor contract for the hotel's maintenance employees.  In typical Teamster bluster, they took out radio spots, condemning Dupont Plaza's management with the most vile and intimidating language.  In their spots, they actually threatened them to give-in or they would be taken-out.  Just like Hoffa did this weekend.  I remember well those spots, for they ran contrary to all the good Christmas cheer of the season.

Early in the afternoon, of New Year's eve, all maintenance employees get together in one of the hotel's meeting-rooms.  They get riled-up by their shop-stewards, and overwhelmingly vote for STRIKE.  As the rabid mob files out of the meeting-room.  One goon lights-up a can of Sterno under one of the fabric chairs, and well this is what happened:

Pay attention to (0:50)

Given the radio threats to blow-up the hotel, and their firey stance with the local press in days prior to the conflagration.  Once they did blow up the hotel, The Teamsters sent in their heavy hitters from CONUS, to expertly confuse and obfuscate the sad trail of events.  The center-leftist governor quickly dropped the matter, and In the end, a lowly lackey took the fall.

Anyways, from that point on, I do take keen attention to the Teamsters and their happy remarks.



And well you should. As militant unionism has done increasing damage to the country, and their membership has fallen, the remnants are becoming more radical. The language on the left is becoming more shrill just as the abolitionists and northern industrialists did in the 1850s. We know where that led. This time, however, it isn't regional and we may be on the verge of a true civil war.
Union thugs are no different than Muslim terrorists or Hitler or even Obama.

The told us what they were going to do, and we would not believe them.


Also, the Obamanuts are already busy "organizing" to get their ignorant masses registered and to the polls to vote for you know who.  Even if they do't know there is anyone else on the ballot. 
We should all pay close attention to this flap. In particular, the refusal by the WH Press Secretary to say anything of substance about the outrageous remarks by the union leadership should be  put  into your record book.  It seems to me that the entire WH is silently behaving like a bunch of thugs,

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like...
Bear in mind that Jimmy Junior is one of ten AFL-CIO goons who were caught on tape punching a woman in Philadelphia for carrying an "Impeach Clinton" sign in 1997. During their trial, he claimed she provoked the assault because she was holding the placard in "a threatening manner."

The jury didn't believe them.

Barry O seems to be the first POTUS to go out of his way to consort with criminals, rather than distance himself from them...


  I suspect that those folks in Chicago don't study that much history, but up here in New England, there's still a lot of folks that remember the story of what happened the last time a king wouldn't listen to us.

 Captain Parker's words are still worthy of repeating:  "Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here."
Heh. In Chicago politics, history is whatever the guy on the podium says it was.

Scratch that. In Chicago, *reality* is whatever the guy on the podium says it is, which is the reason Obie makes so many gaffes -- he's been winging it his entire life, and nobody ever fact-checked him until 2008. If someone ever digs up his transcripts from Columbia and Harvard, there will be a lot of backpedalling from the Lefty pundits...
The more they tell me and people who share my beliefs that that we're their "enemy", the more I believe them.

Indeed, as their numbers, power and influence decrease, those remaining are the most committed and radical.  And violent.
Jimmy Junior knows neither his enemy nor himself.

And I doubt he's even heard of Sun-Tzu...