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 Mebbe if I had the US Army Marksmanship Training Unit bubbas loan me their rifle, and do the spotting and math, I could make this shot.  But I wouldn't bet on it.

Many of you have probably already seen this - but I don't watch much television any more, so it was new to me.

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Stupid dust in this room.  Keeps getting in my eyes.  And I've even seen this before.  God bless him.
WOW, 3 headshots @ 1000Yds, just WOW
first time viewing this.....and yes, damn dust in the room is awful...where's the kleenex.
What a sweetheart.  Although I noticed when he was sighting in his old-man's-gaze turned sharp and hard.  Natural marksman.  I'm glad that bunch gave him the royal treatment--he deserved it.
Dust storm hitting here too.  Salute to T. Gundy.  Out.
The respect both ways is a joy to see.
Saw this before. I still think it's awesome. Dude is a hell of a shot. Can't imagine how good he really was in his hay day.
Incredible tribute to a vet.

I have to say though, if he is shooting like that at 84, he is one SCARY individual.

Men like him are what makes America great. 
Well done, Sir. When this man wants to "reach out and touch you," *look out*! He's gonna get you.  
I had not seen that before.  Thanks, John.  And yep, those high power rounds sure do kick up a lot of dust.
THAT is some fanstastic shooting.  When he was sighted in, his eyes looked about 40 years younger.   I'm not even entirely sure I could have done that in my 20s, let alone now in my 40s.  Someone needs to put a warning label on life, warning that getting old can suck.
First time I've seen it too. That dust storm is even up here in Minnesota. Finest shooting I've seen in a long, long time.  I wonder if he has a pace-maker -- and how that would affect his shooting.
If he says "get off my lawn!" whoever it is that's on that lawn better get to scooting quick.
 Getting old ain't for sissys. It may stink, but ya gotta be tough to see it through.
It's been raining here in the Pacific NorthWet, so it's not dust. Must be allergies. Yeah, that's it. Allergies...
Thanks, John.
Seen it before.

Still damned impressive.

Bravo Zulu, Mr. Gundy.
What Wolfwalker said.
The old boy still has it. Wow...just...WOW!
Thanks for the share! Nancy.R
There is a part of me that says "how hokey, how corny" - but with great pride in the hokeyness, the corniness, becaue it is All American Real.  I stand outside the "union" (A GI Brat, but not a Vet) but I see the camradere of the vets and the "new" guys.  Reminds me of my Dad - who on reading his citations after fifty years, said "What a bunch of hooey!  They make it sound like I did soemthing dangerous."
      I love 'em all, and now my allergies are acting up again.