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Soldier's Angels, Gunblogger Rendevous, and SIG-Sauer, a match made in heaven...

A strong supporter of Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT , the annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous continues to grow.  One of this year’s sponsors, Sig Sauer, has stepped up in a big way by donating a brand new pistol to be auctioned for Valour-IT.

This is no “ordinary” Sig Sauer 1911, though.  A reverse, two-tone version of the pistol, it has been engraved with the Soldiers’ Angels logo on the slide and the words “Soldiers’ Angels” on the barrel, making it a unique piece for 1911 fans and supporters of Soldiers' Angels / Project Valour-IT.  A non-engraved version of this pistol could be expected to retail for up to about $1,000.

The Soldiers' Angels 1911 will be sold to the highest bidder at on online auction held by* and 100% of the sale will be donated to support Valour-IT.  The auction closes at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, October 23, 2011.

Thank you to gun blogger Allen, The Gun Blogger Rendezvous, Sig Sauer and for this tremendous fundraising opportunity!

*Be sure to read all the information on the auction page and ensure that laws in your state would allow you to take possession of the pistol if you are the auction winner.




If I didn't think Nelly would disown me for bringing a slider into the house, I would sooooo bid on this. 

Okay. So finances *might* be a wee factor. Revolvers can't be that territorial.... can they?
 Bid and when you win tell Nelly to play nice or you'll send her to her case and allow her to cool her 'heels" for awhile.

Finances are too tought for me to do more than dream of bidding. I wouldn't want to offer anything less than 1500 for it. That's a "having" not a "shooting" piece.
I saw lots of site but I believe this 1 has got something unique in it in it
Q'master, you are playing ToughLove on that one! Nelly hates it when I threaten her with The Case!