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Silence on the net...

I see Boq has been manning the radio, and using a sharp stick to poke things.  And, apparently, is going to start setting a daily punji pit, from what I can see in the queue...

 My station has been very quiet on the 'net of late because I've been really really busy writing novels to so mesmerize the government that they will borrow more money to give to me and my buddies.  Hey, everybody else is doing it, we at least do our crony capitalism out in the open.

 I was successful in that endeavor, but it did involve moving to another company, and I've spent this week outprocessing from my former employer of 11 years (an organization I give  high marks to as a place to work) and inprocessing to my new company, which is much smaller and less choked by the HR sclerosis that sets in when your company goes beyond a certain size.

And at the new company, carrying concealed at the office is the norm, not an aberration that makes you instantly subject to termination.  The policy on firearms is "Don't shoot employees, clients, or prospective clients, or just plain folk.  Use your judgement as to rules of engagement if zombies appear, and make sure of your backstop."

The next market meeting hosted at the local office will adjourn to Castle Argghhh! for a shooting party.  

My kinda folks.


Congrats on the new terms of enslavement to that "work" thingy.  I guess if you gotta do it, that's a great outfit to work with.
The Lex found employment flying Israeli lawn darts. Did you find a place where you can cock cannons for a living?
No.  Sadly there's not much call for retired cannon-cockers.
"Sadly there's not much call for retired cannon-cockers."

Funny, cause you'd think with sooo many people going off half-cocked these days, someone...anyone.... who knows how to get them fully cocked would be in great demand.
 So, another company with strict rules on gun control; ... engineers, not gunners.

As Bill (or was it Ted) said, Most Excellent!!!
That sounds like a great place to work, Sir John. I'm happy for you.
Good on ya.
Sadly I have to leave Betsy and her mags in the truck when I enter the Grand Jury chambers. But we do get paid. Hey, $15 a day is good money, if ya skip lunch.
Excellent shift in situation. My (Federal) employer will of course, NOT, permit or even conceive of any kind of carry at work.

Goblins who visit do not obey these rules, of course. Fortunately, we've had only one recent near miss (gun waving) and no actual instances of free fire zone.

(Dial *35 and ask for the police if someone should wave a gun in your not confront the angry person...)