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It seems that certain politicians are not only enamored of shady fundraisers, they favor shady campaign treasurers, too.

But this one bit them, Big Time.

And just in time for the campaign season, too:

"This appears to be political fraud and theft on a scale I have never seen" in 40 years in politics, said Garry South, a longtime political consultant for Democrats in California. "It looks like she might have removed millions of dollars from Democratic campaign coffers of 2012 and it might not be easy to replace."

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch...


Yepper. They steal from the Murican people. They just call it taxes and that makes it alright. Or so they think.

As my father used to say, "Politics is the second oldest profession; whores sell themselves and politicians sell everyone else."
If I were an FBI guy, one of the questions I'd finish with would be "Since she was publicly cited for having eleven financial misdeed convictions since 2002 -- why would you keep a crook like that as your treasurer?"

She is clearly a Republican plant.
 John, if she is, the GOP didn't get their moneys worth. The entire fund would have been gone 8 weeks before the election if they had.
I blame Bush.
(Bill T " . . .  why would you keep a crook lik that as your treasurer?")  Apparently they were following the quote attributed to LBJ referring to J. Edgar Hoover to the effect that it's better to have someone like that inside the tent p***ing out than outside the tent p***ing in when they should have been remembering the one about if they'll do it for you, they'll do it to you.