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The feed chute apears to be disconnected with the end that goes to the transfer unit laying under the mid-barrel clamp...
Only if you have the $125,000+ necessary to own one of the six or so legally available to the us proles.
It would not be advisable to attempt firing live rounds Jesse Ventura-style in Predator.

There's a *reason* it's normally mounted on a helicopter -- it's nice to have 4 or 5 tons of recoil-dampening inertia...
I'm shocked, shocked I tel you, that a movie - especially one starring Ahnold Gropenator - would deceive us as to the recoil of a weapon. Next you'll be telling us a 200 pound man doesn't get flung six yards from the impact of a .45 six-shooter.
Now now NevadaSteve you should know muscular chests can never be hit by any weapon greater than a peashooter.  All the steroid meat has to do is dodge the bullets and sweat a lot.
@NevadaSteve, same thing as someone getting hit by a shotgun, and getting blown through a door or window.

Theres even a website which examines the physics of movie FX: They can get pretty snarky sometimes. :)

4 or 5 tons??  What kind of helo do you fly?
OH-6A   Empty weight: 1,975 lbs (896 kg)
They did kinda pull down and to the left, but was easily corrected with the pedals.

Went and visited that site and loved it. I liked the snark about glass attracting stray bullets. Thanks for the link.