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Funny looking victors on the candystripe...

Though in truth, that's not really a candystripe. I just did that to toss out some lingo for those of you of an age...

Wanake-Valley-Kandahar-prov.jpg A U.S. Army mine resistant ambush protected all terrain vehicle with a mine-roller attached to the front pulls security in Wanake Valley, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, Sept. 3, 2011. The M-ATV is used for route clearing on convoys. (Photo by: Spc. Kristina Truluck, 55th Signal Company)


Of an age? What age might that be? The Cenozoic, or something earlier?
 ... old cheese ...

Ah, you young'uns, getting lazy with all the secure comms.

Long gone are the days when "Beep and a rush" brought a tingle to your leg, and we fooled the enemy with "Roger, six victors on the candystripe just past the blue line south of the ville."

I set "Blackhorse!"
I think this needs to be translated into a TINS or There I Was moment. 
Ahhh. the sound of a vic-12 or vic 46 spinning up. And a NESTER that filled up the oudament tray. Those were the day.
oh crap.  i guess i really AM old now.  i understood the whole thing.
Ah, RRM, that's a feature, not a bug.